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Hm - it's been a while. So this is what happens when you keep writing entries and saving it in a 'drafts' folder where they never see the light of day. Ah but what the hell let me post what I wrote earlier today:

Well it's hump day once again. It's a 5 day work week for me and I am not lovin' it. Ah well next week is a 4 day work week - with only a half day on Monday (well technically I will be working but I will be off site for the afternoon). Then once Friday hits I am free!

My head is not at work today. It doesn't help that we're pretty slow today. My brain keeps jumping from one distraction to another - camping lists, birthday presents for Keith, my brother and my friend S, what I will pack in my overnight bag to S's this weekend, what I will pack for my mini-vacation after camping when I go visit my brother and sil, booking a camping site for August for Keith and I at a popular camping place....I could go on but I think you get the picture. But I just can't seem to focus on just one thing, my mind keeps jumping around. I should probably just put pen to paper and write it all down on the same sheet. Originally I hoped Keith would get out the camping equipment today but the chances for that happening are slim to none as he was up 4 times last night with leg cramps. I slept through 3 of them - the beauty of earplugs. Ironically last night was the first night I got a decent sleep! I went to bed early (before 11) and besides waking up a couple times I slept great.

Well it's a few hours later and I spent most of that time booking a camping site for the two of us this August. We're going to an apparently pretty popular camping ground. I thought we'd have to look elsewhere cause all the variation of dates I tried where all booked up. Finally I stumbled across an opening. Although I have to admit I am kind of puzzled - the 1 tent camping sites were all booked but there was a 3-tent site open. And it wasn't more money. I'm a little leery.


So that's it - nothing earth shattering but that's whats going on in my little world. I didn't get out for my noon hour walk which sucked royally. I definitely will tomorrow cause I feel so much better and it gives me energy to get through the afternoon.

I should make a small mention of this past weekend. Not only did Keith and I go to my parents for mother's day but first we stopped at his parents to see his mom and bring her a plant. Normally Keith is just a caller so I was quite proud when he suggested stopping by. Although we drove through some pretty crazy weather on the weekend - snow! It didn't stay but really? Snow!

Oh and since I was a crazy person last entry about the whole FB thing I found out that it was a co-worker who ditched me BUT he deleted his account so he ditched everyone. I am also proud to say that I actually did manage to put it behind me and not dwell on it like a crazy person. Although crazy or not but I friended my old highschool friend again. We sent a few emails and decided to let bygones be bygones. I'm a sucker for this kind of thing I admit it. I'm always the person who thinks of the 'what we had' and not about the bad stuff that went down. Normally. Unless you was real bad. Okay moving on.

This weekend I'm heading in to T dot for my friend S's birthday party. The weather looks like it should be good which I hope turns out true. She has a teeny tiny backyard so I think the party will be spread out between her garage, the backyard and her kitchen. It sounds like it should be an interesting gathering. T doesn't know if she can make it yet - work. I have a feeling it will be a no cause J can't make it. Just a feeling.

Mkay I am gonna go and watch an episode of my current addiction and then head to bed. I'm hoping to get to bed at a decent time. I already prepared my lunch, put out my breakfast and chosen my outfit. Why so prepared you ask? Well I'm hoping to squeeze a visit to Tim's in before work which I haven't done in months. We have a meeting first thing tomorrow and sipping on a tim's would go a long way in makin' it right! A'ight I am off to put this plan into action! G'night!

9:14 p.m. - 2010-05-12


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