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Walkin on sunshine....and don't it feel good - hey!

Finally Friday!!!! AND...and the sun is shining! About damn time. It has been grey, dull and rainy these past few days. I was so upset yesterday cause I couldn't take my walk - well I guess I could have - out in the rain. But today I got my walk! I have come to love walking at lunch and it's only been 3 weeks. Even though my face gets red, I walk in hot and sweaty I still feel great. I wouldn't do it if I couldn't change out of my work clothes though - regrettably that's what stopped me all these years - that and my lack of dire concern over my health.

But one thing I am upset about - vanity wise- is my face. Holy pimples batman! Right now we're probably getting in to pms pimples but the last few weeks have been insane. But one things been bugging me - these weren't regular pimples. They were more like red bumps - the illusion of a pimple if you will. The only thing I could think of was that we changed laundry detergent and I may be have a reaction to it. We now use a very strong scented popular brand. The side of my face I sleep on more frequently is the one that has taken the beating the worse. I have sinced changed laundry detergent and have changed my sheets and towels. I did forget to re-wash the towel I use for working out with - so I was using that for an extra few days before I had a duh moment and grabbed a freshly washed towel. But I'm not gonna lie it's been slow progress. I spend my mornings caking on the cover-up and even then it just hides the redness not the pimples and I spend my night trying different things to get rid of the red pimple & pimple-like bumps while I sleep. My latest has been using toothpaste to dry them out. It's kind of been working too. Last night I used something else and I think it made it worse. Sigh...back to the toothpaste!

So the other day - I managed to lock myself out of the house. I left my house keys at work. I called Keith who was having a bad day to find out when he would be home and he said it would be at least an hour. So I went shopping. I have been looking for a new watch the past few weeks - thinking about buying one for the last few months. I want something fancy and work appropriate - do you think I could find anything? I did finally find a Timex that was out of my price range but was on sale for 25% off as well as a gift card I could use. I still spent $50 on it. The watch is now sitting in my car, back in the box and being taken back after work. It's just too much money. Plus? It looks almost exactly like my old timex watch! So much for change eh? I wanted something different but I went for the same ol'. Plus I really only wanted to spend my gift card and maybe a few bucks more - not $50 - especially when we're trying not to spend money.

So I hung out with T yesterday for a while after work. She was across the street from my work building getting her hair done. She wanted to get a semi-perm but her hair is still too fragile from the years of dying it. We ended up going to our favourite second hand store. I was so proud of myself. I had several items in my hand and ended up putting them all back. I wasn't going to settle for a maybe. Although I still did get 2 tops for work - under $10 for both. One I was iffy about but only because it felt too revealing but looking in the mirror it looked great on me. I am used to wearing oversized clothes cause I hate how the tops emphasize my 'curves' okay okay my belly. But this shirt actually camaflouged it. I guess that will have to do until I get the belly under control. I put on a pair of pants this morning which are naturally baggy - cargo pants - and they looked comical on me. I couldn't even do the waist up tight enough so they looked good. I had to change into another pair of cargo pants - exact same pair but one size down that I avoid wearing cause they feel too tight. I won't lie and say they aren't tight but they aren't 'too tight' so that's baby steps I guess.

Tonight I have to finish buying a gift for S and run some errands before heading home. Then I have to do some laundry and pack an overnight bag for Toronto. S is throwing herself a b-day party - I believe it is Trailer Park Boys themed. I'm not a fan so I won't be dressing in character. S and T have talked about this kind of party for years and now it's coming to fruition. But of course T has to work Sunday morning so she can't make it. I feel bad for S but by the sounds of it she'll have plenty of people at her party. At least T got the long weekend off (selfish of me I know!). I keep watching the weather like a hawk - like that really matters - it changes hour to hour and even if it rains we're still going to be there. A'ight I was just inspired to go look for the last of Keith's b-day presents on line while I'm thinking of it and have the chance!


Last gift obtained! I also obtained a new watch! I returned the other one and got a new one for $22! Of course let's see if it breaks or I break out after wearing it for a few days!

I'm trying to stay up late to prepare for the party tomorrow night. I may be going solo. Keith is coming down with a cold and unless he feels better tomorrow (after work) then he'll be staying home. From 3 to 1. Ah well I'll still have a wicked time.

Mkay I am off to finish my laundry and try and stay awake a while longer!

10:49 p.m. - 2010-05-14


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