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May 2-4 & Vacation Re-cap

The sweet ache of baby arms....that was the phrase running through my head last night as I drove Keith and myself home last night after our week long vacation. My arms had that ache from holding a baby when you are not accustomed to it.


So yah that was the only thing I wrote about my vacation and that was a few days ago. I have been slacking on this here entry big time. So much for writing down the memories for future reference. Wait! Am I giving up? Hecks no - let's recap shall we?

The Long Weekend - May 2-4 - Canadian Style

We camped. Oh yes the threat of rain and cold temps did not scare us away. Keith and I were the only 2 to go on Friday. We set up our tent (no bickering!), made our one and only run into town for a few things, sat by the camp fire and then headed to bed at 10 o'clock. Oh yes we are major party animals. rained. It was.....loverly. We sat in our huge tent with the windows open, laying on our air mattress alternating between talking, reading our books, "messing" around and playing scrabble. It was in one word Perfect. I was actually kind of upset that more people were coming to ruin our party of 2. But arrive they did. T and J and his kid showed up around 3 and it began to rain again. It turns out J's kid loves camping which is a huge relief. The rain cleared up around 4 and the rest of the weekend was amazing weather wise.

Sunday was hot and hazy and we all did a whole lot of nuthin'. Around 4 the heat eventually drove us to head towards the water - not the beach the boating area - it was much cooler there. We soaked our feet in the water and then eventually almost all of us jumped in clothes and all - bliss. That evening C and her guy arrived to spend a few hours with us and around 8 S showed up to spend the night. This is where things got...less blissful.

I love S with all my heart but the girl has turned into a hardcore Party Girl. She loves to drink and smoke....all the time. She immediately started chugging rum and cokes like they were going out of style. By the end of the night I was actually just pretending to drink so she wouldn't give me a hard time - I like to drink just not to excess (all the time). We finally headed to bed for midnight.

Monday the day was even hotter and hazier. S immediately hit the sauce mixing oj and vodka. She started razzing me for not hitting the booze as well - forget that it was only 9 o'clock and we would be driving home later that day. We ate a huge breakfast and then broke camp - we were all exhausted and dehydrated by the time it was all said and done. Fortunately we all brought our swimsuits (well except S) and we headed to the beach area. It was packed. The water was coolish but warm enough to swim. S pissed me off big time at one point. I had just reapplied the sunscreen since not only do I burn easily normally but the meds I'm on make me hyper sensitive to the ol' sun as well. As I stood knee deep in the water chatting with T, S began to splash me. I told her to knock it off but then she began to mock me and splash me even more so tackled her in the water. I may have been a tad 'rough'. But luckily I made it into a joke so she probably didn't realize how pissed I really was. Around 4 we all packed up and headed our seperate ways. Another May 2-4 camping success!

The rest of the week:

For the rest of our vacay we headed to visit my younger bro and his little fam 4 hours away. We stayed home Tuesday in order to rest and re-pack. Unfortunately I was having a BAD moment and said some hurtful things to the hubby during one point in the day and it put a damper on our day. I apologized but the damage was done. Rather than talk things out with the hubby I let myself simmer and then boil over. We eventually made up (kind of) and headed off to dinner and the movies (Shrek). The movie theatre was HOT and then the movie wouldn't play with sound. They finally had to give the speech - the movie is cancelled and offered to let us watch it in the theatre beside us or come another time. We decided to stay. The other theatre was MUCH cooler and bigger. We also got free passes for another movie so that was cool.

Wednesday we headed out almost on time. My little nephew D is so freakin' cute and getting so big. He's 4 months as of today! I seriously cannot get enough of him. I swear when he cries - really cries as in I am hungry NOOOOW - my heart breaks! I got lots of time with him as the night we got there my sil had a baseball game and my bro had night school to teach so Keith and I got to babysit at the ballgame. He slept through the whole thing though. Thursday night my bro and sil had a practice to go to for their singing group so Keith and I babysit for reals which was fun. Friday and Saturday eve my bro and sil were in 2 performances so you guessed it we got to sit with little D. We went with them to watch them rather than stay home - for both nights even. It wasn't even boring. I mean that in a nice way. Sunday we all headed out - mostly on time - and headed to my older brother and his family to celebrate his birthday. It was another hot day and they have a pool so I was all over that. I don't know why people just sit around yakking when they can be swimming!

We did have an awkward moment later on during dinner. I decided to sit outside to eat since I still had my wet bathing suit on and nobody was outside except Keith and I. Half way through out came my sil's brother he is a very quiet guy. I don't think I have ever had a real conversation with him except for 'hi' and 'how are you?'. So as we're sitting there chewing in silence he asks Keith and I if we are all ready? Do we have everything for the baby? *Crickets* Say what? I'm sure my empire type bathing suit didn't help matters but don't you think if I was preggers it would have been a HUGE topic of conversation amongst the many women there? I tried to make a joke out of it and he mumbled something and then I tried to turn the topic around to his kids but seriously. Seriously Dude. Never say that to a woman! You think I would have been exercising non-stop since that comment. You would be seriously wrong. I have yet to exercise since before my vacation - not even walking at work. I know I know.

Part of the reason - well really the main reason - my back. I sort of put it out last Tuesday. The really sad thing is that Keith and I were thinking of calling our chiro and going in for a quick back crack but we didn't. Oh how I wish we did. I was in so much pain and discomfort during our time with my bro & sil. I was even taking back meds by the end of the trip. Monday morning I called in to work and told my boss I was booking a chiro appt asap and would be in after it. Luckily they were able to fit me in at 9:45. My back was way out of whack and I even managed to do the old rib twisting trick I did once before. I can finally sleep on my left side again. Although I am still kind of sore so I kept my appointment for next Tuesday cause I'm sure I'll need some residual cracking. Man getting old sucks.....and you know being overweight.

Well....that's about all I can remember right now and I'm sure you've probabaly fallen asleep reading this. Now I am going to go have some yogurt with blueberries and watch an episode of gilmore grls. I may even try and have the ambition to soak my gross feet - the heels so need to be slathered in moisturizing cream. I was going to do laundry but do you know what that can wait till tomorrow. Tomorrow is my Friday so I have a 3 day weekend ahead of me. Sweet. I'm also pms'ing so I hope to get a lot done this week - yay for that!

9:25 p.m. - 2010-06-02


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