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You shouldn't have to think about every breath you take - ya know?

Well this weekend is going to turn out a LOT differently than planned. I am in pms mode aka cleaning mode. Except I can't move without almost crying - actually I cried several times yesterday. It was bad. It's actually still pretty bad but I'm dealing.

Remember the chiro appointment for my back? I'm too lazy to go back and look to see what I said. Anywho my ribs were out of whack and she put them back....but then they got out of whack again 2 days later. So I went back Thursday - she was amazed that they got so bad in only a couple days the left side was twisted. She cracked and clicked and sent me on my way again. I left not feeling much different and was worried I wasn't better. I was right to be worried. That evening I got progressively worse. It got to the point I could only take shallow breaths and if I tried to take a deep one I would get this immense pain and sort of yelp out as I took the deep breath. I was so uncomfortable and in pain that I actually began to cry a few times yesterday. Of course the more I cried the more pain I was in and the more pain I was in the more I cried. It was a pitiful cycle.

Poor Keith worked an insanely long day - like 17 hours or something - he got home around 9pm. I stayed strong and didn't cry in front of him which was hard. After he ate he suggested I try going on our inversion table so I got on gingerly and as soon as the table began to go back it felt like my breath was cut off and I immediately panicked and began to cry which only made things worse until I was pretty much hyperventalating. He was awesome though and held me while calming me down. It was scary not being able to breath. I could tell he was worried about me but he had to get to bed cause he had to get up at 3am. We threw around the idea of me taking one of his 'special' pills that stoned me last time but I decided that wouldn't be good cause it might actually help me sleep and I would lay down pain or no pain and asphyxiate myself and never wake up. Instead I spent the night shuffling back between the love seat and living room sofa propped on pillows trying not to cry and even doing some powerful praying cause I just couldn't get comfortable. I was up when Keith left at 3 for work. I moved to the bed where I propped myself up with several pillows and managed to drift off into an uneasy sleep until 7am. I got up and painfully showered and called my chiro for my 3rd appointment of the week.

She's not sure what the hell I'm doing to my ribs and why they keep shifting but she cracked me again and this time suggested I ice the area. Um you think you could have mentioned this YESTERDAY? Seriously. I actually had heat on part of my back cause it was so sore little did I know I was making the ribs worse - although really the heating pad didn't quite reach the ribs. She said that the reason I'm having trouble breathing is that my diaphram is spasming or something along those lines. I just nodded a lot and tried not to cry cause I was leaving there still in pain.

Anywho today I have been hobbling around the house still hitching when I try and take a deep breath. But I have been icing the hell out of my ribs. I've been good and taking breaks so it's not constant but oh my does it feel so good. I think I'm supposed to try and gradually take deep breaths when I ice my ribs but I just realized I haven't been doing that. Instead I sit there in bliss as the ice does it's magic. So yah I think I can say with certainty this weekend is going to be very low-key. Very. And my house is going to stay a complete disaster. As long as the pain in my ribs doesn't come back full force I will be one happy girl.

4:28 p.m. - 2010-06-04


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