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Mid weekend update and no time for proofreading

I'm not supposed to be home right now. I'm supposed to be with Keith sitting at his parents having a bbq with the rest of the family. Keith called about half an hour ago he was on the side of the 401 with a steaming car - coolant. Hopefully he was able to make it to a store to buy some more and will be home soon. Poor guy.

My plans for the weekend are all up in the air. I was supposed to initially hang out with S this weekend but the timing just never got fine tuned. Last night I did hang out with T which was cool. We met up after work and then went out for dinner (we had breakfast for dinner) and then we went 2nd hand shopping. I found a pair of jean capris (new) and she found 3 tops so it was a successful outing. We then went back to my place after buying some hair dye and she dyed my hair while we watched Che@aters.

Oh hubby's home!

Okay so I have to make this short and quick. I guess we're still heading out to his parents for the bbq. So T adn I dyed my hair (holy crap it's dark!) and watched a crap load of Che@ters episodes and got pretty tipsy (she got drunk cause she drank 2x more than I did.). She did have her guy come pick her up so that was cool. He nudge nudge wink winked me that he was going to pop the question to her within a week or so! How cool!

I spoke to S a while ago. We have made plans to meet up tomorrow and hang out - eating and swimming. Should be good times. Hopefully the weather co-operates. I did go out by myself today - I went to a festival downtown that I've always meant to go to. It had just stopped raining so that was pretty cool. I had been hoping to drag Keith there tomorrow but it doesn't look like that will happen - he has to work on his car and I'm heading out to have fun.

Originally I had asked for Monday off but my manager had to refuse me. I was way pissed off about it but I'm doing better now. She did kind of 'joke' with me that if I had car problems on Monday there was nothing she could do about that but it looks like I'm too good an employee for that - heh.

Alright I am needed upstairs to help get Keith ready and us out the door. Later!

3:26 p.m. - 2010-06-26


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