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Happy Canada day late - story of my life. Had a great day yesterday, Keith and I spent the day at the beach - it wasn't crazy hot but still hot enough to go in the water (woo). We shopped (bought a cool tiki sign), had some eats and then headed home stopping along the way to grab a pizza and have an impromptu picnic. Once we got home hubby had to go to bed pretty much as soon as we walked through the door. As for me I showered, changed and headed out to go see fireworks. I'm so glad I did. I tend to chicken out when I plan on going solo to events. The fireworks started late but they were well worth it - they were breathtaking. The ride home was quick although I nearly got t-boned twice - crazy traffic.

So I wrote an entry earlier this week and rather than think up new stuff let's just cut and paste shall we?

The old news:

I broke my no pants rule in summer - I was too tired to care what I was putting on this morning plus it's going to be a cool day which I have to admit is a nice switch from the sweltering days we've had the past week or so (with rain). How wrong was it that I was happy to be wearing a light sweater this morning on my way into work? It's 2 days before July. Very is the answer. Oh yah the reason I am so tired is that I was up at 5:30am. Wide awake...with an upset tummy. I went to bed with that 'full' feeling from dinner and it morphed into an upset tummy by morning. It wasn't super upset but I was too awake to fall back to sleep. I eventually woke the hubby at 6 to let him know I couldn't sleep cause I'm nice like that. Of course by 7 I was ready to zonk back to sleep but had to get up for work instead - I won't lie....Keith had to talk me in to it. If I had my choice I would have called in and went back to sleep for a few hours...or not at all knowing me. But I have lunch with my dear old co-worker and wouldn't want to miss that. I am trying to decide what to do this weekend. My friend S wants me to come to T dot for the G@y pride parade. It's apparently a blast and one big drink fest. Part of me wants to go but the other part of me....not so much. I don't think Keith can make it which means I would be gone Saturday night and I know that won't sit well with him

So here I sit drying out from the weekend. Oh not from drinking - from the rain. Mother nature is quite funny - rain Saturday and Sunday - sun Monday to Friday. What a sense of humor! So let's see where did I leave off from my weekend update? I think I mentioned that we were due at Keith's parents for a bbq but I wasn't sure if we would still go - we did. We grabbed our meat (it was byof (bring your own food) weird I know but that's his family. We had marinated some chicken in terriyaki sauce (omg so good!) and brought a greek salad we bought on the way there (also very yummy). It rained off and on while we were there - but never very heavy - light enough that we could still sit outside. Everyone had eaten and a few had to go after we had only been there a while but we were technically 5 hours late. It began to rain heavily around 7pm and we all headed indoors. The monopoly game was brought out and before I knew it I was suckered in to playing with the boys.

During the game my head felt very weird and spacey. It's hard to describe but I felt as if my blood pressure was almost too low. I won't blame my feeling poorly on losing but I'm sure it didn't help. I was the first person to go out even though I owned boardwalk and parkplace (except it was the Simpson's version). I also owned another monopoly but I couldn't afford to put houses on my properties. I did make several bad trades that led to my demise but I wasn't too upset with going out early.

We finally left around 10 and by this time the rain had stopped and the fog had came in. Since Keith was tired and had been drinking I drove. I could barely see in front of my car left alone the lines on the road - let's just say there were several tense moments during the drive home. Once we got to the city limits the fog all but cleared up - damn country living.

Sunday dawned nice and sunny but the weather dude said it wouldn't last we were to expect rain and thunder storms. I had made plans with S to meet up with her and Meena half way between our two towns - about a 30 minute drive for both of us. I had my doubts she could leave on time since our friend Meena is notorious for holding us up and/or being late. But I called and everything was on time. I left the house with my beach bag packed and my picnic lunch packed at 12:15 and made it to our destination with time to spare. I text her to let her know where I was parked (we were meeting in a tim's parking lot) only to find out that she was still in T dot stuck in traffic. Hm. What to do? I could get all pissy and be all bitchy about it even though there was nothing I could do to change it or I could just make the best of it and relax. So I moved my car to the back of the huge parking lot, opened up my trunk, took out my lawn chair and grabbed a book I had thrown in my bag at the last minute (it was as if I had known) and sat with my feet up on my car and read my book for the next hour and a half. It was actually pretty peaceful and it was also the only time the sun was truly shining and not overcast and threatening rain. Once the girls arrived we headed off to the conservation area and spent what was left of the afternoon canoeing, swimming and picnicing before the skies opened up and it began to rain in earnest. I didn't get home until almost 9 o'clock. I was surprised to find the hubby still awake and not only was he awake but he was kind of pissy with me. The man just won't admit he misses me and wants to hang out with me. Ah well I sweet talked him and eventually he thawed and all was well.


So now we are back to the present - I am SO glad I took today off. A 4 day weekend. I still have no idea what's happening tomorrow. I spoke to Keith about T dot and the parade and he was actually all for going but it's all going to depend how early he's done work tomorrow. So it's a wait and see kind of game. Today I haven't done all that much to be honest. I am managing to get some much needed laundry done so that's cool. Maybe I will head outside and read my book for a while. Every book I pick up lately tends to be a dud and it's starting to piss me off - I miss the days when I opened up a book and couldn't put it down - sigh. Later!

2:10 p.m. - 2010-07-02


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