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A backwards tale

I had such a perfect day yesterday that I shouldn't be suprised today was so crappy - not really the day just this evening. Keith wasn't being the ying to my yang if you know what I mean. We weren't fighting or anything we both just seemed to be in a funk and couldn't get ourselves out of it. Bah. I almost didn't call my mom - I haven't spoken to her in a few weeks - cause I was feeling blah. Common sense prevailed and I called my mom and we had a wonderful 40 minute chat. I'm an idiot sometimes. How could not talking to my mom be a good thing? Anywho let's play the cut and paste game again shall we? We'll start with what I did yesterday (written earlier today while at work):

So I did something yesterday that I had wanted to do for a very long time. I took a mental health day. I jokingly said to Keith on Sunday that since the weather was going to be insanely hot we should head to the beach on Tuesday the day he was off - to my surprise he agreed - and thus a plan was born. Of course it's a tad....suspicious coming back from a 'sick day' all tanned/red. Luckily for me most everyone was away on Monday so they didn't see me then. Actually there's not much of a difference - the parts that are red are the parts that I made sure to cover with my top. Of course now I am wickedly tired today even though I went to bed at just before 11:00. I need caffeine. Keith is off again today and I tried to convince him I should stay home too but no dice.

We went to the beach yesterday. It was busier than Keith expected - that man is so unrealistic sometimes. Before we left town though we stopped to (finally) get his hair cut - his idea. I had given up on him getting his hair cut (we had a few fights the last few months about it). It looks SO much better. Back to my eye candy husband. We did a little shopping while at the beach - we can't resist walking the strip. We bought my brother a hawaiin shirt - it was only $5. A shirt like that fitting my brother - he's a big guy - for that low a price was a great find. We also bought a ring that you can use to remove beer bottle caps. We saw it before months ago at a mall but never bought it and regretted not getting it then. I also bought a straw purse - it's pink with cute flip flops on it. Keith pointed it out to me so I looked at it and it had no price. I asked the woman how much and she guessed it had been $29 but was now $19. I put it back. Then the woman said she would sell it for $15 - sold! I'm sure Keith regretted showing the purse to me after that!

On our way home we stopped and we found a dvd set that my brother would love (same brother) so we bought it for him although this one will be for his b-day in November - the shirt we'll give him when we see him next. All in all it was a great day.

Written Monday of this week:

It is almost 4pm - where has the day gone? Don't worry that was a rhetorical question! I am sitting in our freezing cold reception area and I could not be happier to be here - okay wait that is a total lie - I would be much happier sitting on a beach with the nice cool water to dip into! But since it is sizzling outside being at work at our reception desk is the place to be. Penguins could live here! I almost thought I wasn't going to be at reception for the day as my co-worker informed me that she was going to be manning the desk - hells no! I fought her tooth and nail to be here!

So anywho, it was an interesting weekend to say the least. Keith and I managed to make it into T dot on Saturday after he was done work. We arrived around 4pm to a smiling S. She had a smile that can only be described as the cat that ate the canary kind of grin. We found out within minutes it was due to her 'getting some' to put it crudely. Her second guy ever - huge hurdle. Of course the fact that it was with her ex's BEST friend may pose to be a problem. They are both choosing to deal with the afteraffects 'whenever'. I met this guy once and he seems okay but there are several red flags - a bit of a drifter, doesn't seem to have a career path going but those kind of things don't really bug me, the big one is the fact that he is in to booze and drugs in a big way. I'm not sure why she would choose to get with someone like that especially since her ex had a drug problem and she had many fights with him about it. She claims that it's just a 'fling' right now and nothing serious but the fact that she said 'love you' at the end of a conversation on Sunday while on the phone with him sends up the red flags again. But there's not much I can do. I warned her to take it slow with this guy but it's her life so all I can do is be there to support her....although after Sunday's stunt she may have to work a little harder to get me to come in to T dot to visit her!

On Sunday (the whole point for my visit) we went to the G@y Pride Parade. It was hot as hades out and the 3 of us got there nice and early to get a spot. Our friend Meena was a few hours late as usual. The 3 of us chose a spot and then S got a call from her 'fling' he was in the area with his friends and wanted us to go meet them so we left our well chosen spot and headed off to find them. I didn't realize that they didn't have a spot and were wandering the streets. We finally met up with them with only minutes to the start of the parade so we all toddled off to find a 'spot'. We pretty much just stopped in front of some random store and stood way back from the now crowded fence. I will admit to being a tad bitter that we were now directly in the sun and heat with no chance of getting even close to the fence. But whatev I made the best of it. Within 20 minutes her fling had left to 'go score' and then another 20 minutes his friends left cause it was too hot. Not 10 minutes later S got a call asking her to come meet them at a bar. Of course she said no she was watching the parade with us (Meena had showed up by then). she said YES and toddled off to the bar to be with her fling! Yup S ditched Keith and I in T dot during the parade. It was a dick move on her part. At the time I just sort of shrugged it off but the more I think of it the more upset I get. She talked me into coming in to see it and then just left me for a dude! Keith and I stayed a bit longer and then decided to just call it a day and head out. Not so fast. We were on the wrong side of the parade route. We had to be on the other side in order to go and catch our street car - the side we were originally on when we had a good spot. Can you see how the bitterness can escalate? So Keith and I had to wait out the parade for the next hour and a bit. We were not impressed. We finally made it back to our car, jumped in and hit the highway. We were both so exhausted we pretty much stumbled into bed when we got home.


Well there you have my backwards tale of the last few days. I am looking forward to this weekend already. R & R and being at home! A'ight it's almost past my bedtime so I have to post and hit the hay! Here's to a cool night sleep - thank God for central air!

10:02 p.m. - 2010-07-07


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