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1:30pm - So here I sit sipping on my tim's coffee, trying to stay awake at reception. It was a Very bad night for sleep for me last night. I even made a point of turning in early. I read a book, turned out the light with plenty o'time for a restful sleep and then proceeded to spend the next 3 or so hours tossing and turning. I'm surprised I got up at all this morning to be honest with you. I set my alarm forward half an hour and still only managed to be 4 minutes late for work.

The hubby just left here! Of course he wasn't the least bit thrilled to drop in but I'll take what I can get. My foggy brain this morning couldn't remember where I hid my house keys and since time was ticking by I had to give up the search and leave via the back door essentially locking myself out. I text the hubby earlier and asked if he'd be home by 4 cause of the lack of key issue. He text me back and even called me but I didn't answer or respond cause I was shipped to reception due to coverage issues. Oops. I probably should have brought my phone with me but I forgot. Heh. He did end up leaving happier than when he arrived and I even got a few smooches out of the deal. Is it wrong to be this in love with your hubby after 8 years of being together? I still get a thrill when I see him unexpectedly and of course I still am so happy to come home and spend time with him. Schmoopy I know but true. Sigh.

Um yah so anyway. Is it Friday yet? Nope. How can this week seem so long - it's only a 4 day week for me! But I cannot wait until it's over. As usual I have a million plans inside of my head and probably nothing on my to-do list will get done. I hope to make a spot in my kitchen for my cute little elephant tea pot I bought over the weekend. S bought one and I coveted hers so much that within an hour after her buying it I had to go and get one. I don't even drink tea! But it's so darn cute and was only $10! So now I must make a spot for it. I should probably drink more herbal teas anyway.

I'm sending emails back and forth with my sil (my older brother's wife). We're chatting about whether we should try and camp during our family reunion. Originally we were going to cause my parents were going to be there but now they've gone and messed up those plans so the camping was cancelled. But now we're reconsidering it cause it would be nice to spend some time with the siblings and their families. We'll see. I'm also trying to plan my dad's b-day present. We're thinking of going in on a bbq for him. He bought a new one not too long ago but it is el-cheapo and we would like to get him something fancier. The only problem is getting it there. My parents live 2 hours away and the bbq would NOT fit in our car - ditto for all the other siblings really unless my older brother left his family at home and just came with the bbq!

This was my other sil's idea but she is awol right now so we can't get her input even though she came up with this crazy idea. She is off visiting her parents. I don't think she's seen her dad in about 5 or 6 years. He has mental problems - he pretty much refused to acknowledge her existance and cut her out of his life. So yah I hope everything's going okay for her.


9:31pm - well I managed to make it through the day without falling asleep - go me! I am all set to head to bed in a few minutes. I have some clothes in the dryer I have to check on before heading up but besides that I am ready to hit the sheets. I made sure to inflate the bed tonight - it's not just an air mattress in case you were concerned for my well being. It's one of those bed in a bags sort of deal with a medal frame so you're up high plus the air mattress is inside a 'a mattress' that has memory foam on top. It's actually pretty comfy - not as comfy as my sweet sweet bed that the hubby is currently lying in. Oh to work the same hours!

Oh yah I was going to mention my obsession of trying to get club z points. Zellers. I need a certain amount to get a $25 gift card. I am a couple hundred away. Normally I could go in there and spend money no problem and get those points but because I NEED those points it's impossible. I am actually going there looking for stuff to buy! But here's the kicker, I can't just look at regular stuff, oh no, I'm looking at clearance stuff! I did buy a small shelf unit for the front door area that I'm sure K is going to hate. I was there after work and I now need about 150 points. Killing me! Oh and why am I so desperate for this gift card? Well you see I want to buy a $50 picture frame and using the gc would make it half price. That is why I'm not buying stuff willy nilly but only stuff I need (thus taking forever to collect the points!). Oh and to make matters worse I want to purchase said frame in 2 weeks times! I'm wracking my brain to try and think of things we need/want....the more expensive the better (sort of).

A'ight I am gonna check the laundry and shut this joint down. Wish me luck in actually falling asleep tonight!

Although karma may kick my ass if my evil plan pans out. I was playing with our summer student's cell phone at the end of the work day - hey she's the one that threw it to me and I um switched her alarm from 6:15am to 3:15am. Um, heh, it seemed funny at the time. Hopefully she doesn't actually use her phone as an alarm but if she's does she's in for one helluva shock! My bad.

9:29 p.m. - 2010-07-22


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