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Throw another shrimp on the bar-bi

O.M.G. my brothers are going to drive me to drink! Not sure if I mentioned but my younger brother wants to buy my dad a bbq for his b-day. My dad just bought a bbq but apparently it was a cheapy and my brother feels that he's not happy and would be thrilled with a big, badder and bolder one. All okay except we started talking about this maybe 2 weeks ago and it went...nowhere. Everyone's busy, my sil went away for a few days and it just sort of...dropped. It picked up the last few days but it's all texting and emailing and maybe an odd phone call. To top it all off my dad's b-day party is tomorrow. We were all scrambling tonight. Finally my older brother and I decided not to get a bbq - it was just too last minute plus we weren't even sure our dad wanted a bbq. AND then my younger brother got wind of the news and got upset. So I did some recon and looked at even more bbq's, called my younger brother and we decided that we would have to go with plan b - no bbq but other presents with a large gift card. I know he's upset but we really did leave it too late. My parents don't live near big box stores or even smaller stores so it would have been hard to get the bbq to them. My head hurts. Seriously.

Bah. So I did a little shopping - retail therapy. I bought baby outfits for my new niece (Keith's side) and more for my little D. I was so pissed cause I saw this cute stripey outfit weeks ago for $7 and Keith talked me out of it. Now I cannot find his size in the outfit. So I bought him 2 outfits - neener!

My night got blown to pieces so I have done nothing that I planned to do and am too tired now to care. I just want to go to bed. Which I think I will. There is squat on tv and my body is finally coming down from it's stressed state. Work was insanely busy - 2nd quarter so I had a TON of clients at reception - over 70 people (a normal day is maybe 20). Then once I got home I sat for maybe 5 minutes with my book and then the phones (home line and cell) began to ring and it was non stop since then. Yup an early bed time is definitely called for. Tomorrow's going to be a long day. Keith think's he going to be home from work by 10am and then we'll have to finish shopping for dad's gift and head out to my parents for the night. We plan on coming back Sunday and then I have 2 more glorious days off.

Of course I hope to spend those days cleaning and organizing! But don't worry I threw in a massage Tuesday afternoon. All work and no play makes me...a pissy girl! G'night!

9:57 p.m. - 2010-07-30


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