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Over so soon?

Well my vacation is officially over. I have to go to bed before midnight - well I do if I don't want to be a huge bitch tomorrow cause I'm so frickin' grumpy - having to go to work after two weeks vacation + no sleep would = one Very grumpy moi.

But enough of the obvious. The last few remaining days of my vacay have been awesome. Everyone has been saying to me how tiring it must be to have company all week - but it hasn't been - at least for me. My bro and sil are pretty low maintenance and since I tend to wear ear plugs at night I never heard baby D cry! Speaking of baby D - OMG I miss that kid so much and it's only been a few hours. The sil and I almost started to cry as we were packing them up. I so wished they lived closer. Sigh.

So in the not so good news of the week our computer died....and Keith's white car died a few days ago - it's been sitting in a parking lot of a store. Keith has already bought a new computer that he is in love with - approx $700 or so I've been told. As for the car we called our mechanic but he is on vacay until Tuesday. We were thinking of getting it towed to the mechanic anyway and leaving him a note. Last night Keith mentioned to T's guy our car problem and he offered to look at it. Oh yah we threw a party last night - just a small one but SO fun. Well J guessed it was the starter so we headed off and bought one and he put it in - in the pouring rain! - and voila the car is fixed (for now - we know it's just a matter of time before it meets it's maker). That was approx $200. Probably another $50 as we'll give J a gift for helping us out.

As for me I have to REALLY start working out again. Oh man I have slacked off big time. I also have been really lax with the eating so yah I have to pick up the slack with that too. Feh.

It's hard to believe I have to work a 5 day week this week BUT I will be rewarding myself with a 4 day weekend! Did I mention a 4 day weekend with the girls? Yup another girls weekend! There are supposed to be 4 of us but I think my sil may back out - we'll see. We're heading to the beach - a different one from the one S and I went to. This time I will head to T dot and we'll leave from her neck of the woods. I can't wait! Well actually right now I can cause I am one tired puppy.

Speaking of tired I am ending this entry and heading to bed! I refuse to get a second wind right now! No second wind! No second wind! I'm chanting that in my head btw - just in case you didn't think I was crazy enough! Night!

9:42 p.m. - 2010-08-22


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