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Time to stretch it out

Soaking my feet and watching F@mily Feud - yup life is good for moi. Too bad it's not Friday - I had the Friday vibe going on all day, a wee bit disappointing eh? Ah well at least I have a 4 day weekend to look forward to.

I did 3 loads of laundry tonight. Alas though I did not get to go for my walk. Keith was a talky talker tonight when he went to bed and by the time I left him it was too dark out. But I did do some yoga and man did I need it. Wow every stretch felt so good. Just another reminder to get back into exercising - stat.

I didn't get to exercise yesterday as I headed to an after work event yesterday at 3:30 then when I left the party early at 6:30 I went to the movies and met up with 2 girls I used to belly dance with - I haven't seen them in over a year! I had no popcorn though so that's gotta count for something - I just sipped on my water. We saw Eat, Love and Pray - or um something like that. It was okay but I think it would have been so much better if I had read the book first. I just felt like I was missing something and I wasn't attached to the characters as I probably could have been. It was great seeing the girls but next time we're going to do dinner so we can sit down and talk and catch up nice and proper!

I wrote the following earlier today:

Fall is coming. Yesterday was the first day I had condensation on the windows in my car and had to warm it up - sigh. I also noticed some of the trees already changing. Don't get me wrong I LOVE Fall, I mean head-over-heels in Love with Fall but....the summer went by so fast! I think we actually had pretty great weather over all. We had a lot of Heat this past summer which is something we haven't had in years. We also had our share of rain but I prefer to concentrate on the positive! Speaking of positive, the weather is supposed to shoot back up to HOT this weekend which is great timing for our Girls Road Trip. So far there are 3 of us going, I have to email my sil to find out her situation and if she's still able to go. I have a feeling she may cancel on us but we'll see.

I had a mini-breakdown the other day. I got all hyper-sensitive and frustrated and combine that with PMS and you got the makings for a good crying jag. Luckily I only shed a few tears before I got to vent my feelings to Keith, who in true man fashion tried to 'help' me by putting things into perspective rather than just listening. His perspective didn't help that much cause I was really more frustrated with myself. I tend to twist myself into a pretzel trying to please people and jumping through hoops to make sure they are happy. It also brought back feelings of how p*ssed I was last year when I went to PEI with T and J. Oh did you guess I was speaking about T? Yah so originally I had planned to go to S's in Tdot Saturday night and we would leave for Wa-sa-ga Sunday morn. Well that doesn't work for T. Why? Cause she works. Till 5. Okay still not a big deal. And she will have to pack - why she can't pack for the weekend beforehand I do not know. I think she just wants to spend time with J but won't come out and say it. So in trying to make peace I said fine but said that we'd have to leave by 9am Sunday morn as I don't want to p*ss away the day dicking around when we could be on the road to our beach weekend! But then she starts trying to push the time back - maybe 9:30ish which for T is code for 10:30ish. This is where I started to have a mini breakdown. Why must the girl push everything? Why can she never just say YES?! Her reason was that J has his kid this weekend and mornings are slow for them. Wha? Does that even make sense.

And maybe....just maybe.....I would have bought that if she hadn't asked me to babysit Saturday morn for them as they are in a pinch as both of them have to work - her all day - him just the morning. I would have to be there for 8:30. OH so you are capable of leaving the house before 9? Interesting.


Yah the bitterness was flowing pretty fast this morning but it's slowed down now - probably cause I'm too tired to care right now. My lack of sleep last night is catching up with me.

I think I will take the tootsie's out of the water, let them dry, slap on some cream and then head to bed before checking my laundry one last time - a load of towels are drying and they take for-ever to dry.

Tomorrow better go super fast - I wonder if the yoga is gonna help me sleep better? Curious minds wanna know!

9:52 p.m. - 2010-08-26


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