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Sleeping in isn't a luxury people it's a necessity!

Hm, let me think about this a moment, not only am I getting up early Sunday morning to leave for my girls weekend but I am going to get up early tomorrow morning as well! Hm. Not cool. I have to be up by probably 7:45 and head over to T's to babysit the step kid. Oy vey. I'm sorry but J's present for fixing my car has flown by the wayside. I am now scratching their back if ya know what I mean! Tit for tat.

So after work I went with T to look at a wedding dress she found on line. The dress didn't come close to fitting (too small) and it was a few sizes bigger than her current size. I had to explain to her that even if the person bought a certain size they would get it customized to their frame - short torso, no boobs etc. The odds of finding a dress that fits second hand online are not good. But since I am her maid of honour *ahem* then I will go with her to every stranger's house and help her try on a hundred dresses! At least I was officially asked this time to be her moh.

I had to break the news to S tonight that T and I wouldn't be coming in tomorrow night to go out dancing in T dot. She was not happy. I have a secret to tell you. Even though I placed 100% of the blame on T saying no (which she did) I don't want to go in to T dot tomorrow night either! The single gals have a lot of energy and will basically stay out till earliest 4am. This old fart loves her sleep too much! Maybe if we weren't heading out the next day for a fun filled weekend I would be more game. But trust me I won't be upset not to be dancing my butt off tomorrow night!

But I just might be feeding my face at rib fest tomorrow instead. I've gone for the past several years and thought I would be missing this year but we may end up going tomorrow evening and meeting up with our small gang - hopefully it works out.

Mkay it is sadly time for bed. I must post this, finish watching another episode of Family Feud - 2 tape a day - and then head to bed (boo!).

10:27 p.m. - 2010-08-27


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