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Not quite a girls-gone-wild weekend - we're old broads now!

There's something sweet about writing about your weekend activities that just happened and it's Wednesday already! Long long weekends rock! I should be typing this from work but I'm not. I'm at home. I woke up, showered, dressed, had breakfast and then ran for the bathroom. I've been in and out of that room all morning - TMI I know. So after making the initial call at 8 saying I would be late I made another call at 10 saying I wouldn't be in. No need to be running to the can all day at work. But enough about that! Let's recap a weekend shall we?

Saturday evening Keith and I went to ribfest and scored an awesome parking spot. We met up with C and her guy. T and her guy totally bailed on us but at least I totally nailed her for fibbing to me about her plans. Ah yes I am that good a friend okay? I did it nicely so don't worry. Anywho ribfest was awesome and the 4 of us ended up having a great time.

Sunday I was up way too early and I actually made it out the door on time and suprises of all suprises T was ready when I picked her up! We zoomed in to T dot, got a little lost due to construction but made it to S's by 10:30. S was just rolling out of bed. Yah the girl who swore she'd be home by 2am stayed out till 5am!!! She knew I was very unimpressed. Before I would have oohed and ahhed over her stories of the night but I'm over it. When you promise to be ready and go just stick to your word ok? We somehow made it out the door just after 11. S told me she'd drive and she did. In her sweet new car. She had bought a car last week. A 2009 something or other. It was pretty sweet. A little tight and compact but a nice ride overall. Plus it had AC that worked.

We made it to Wa-saga by 3 or so. Our motel was pretty awesome. We had 2 double beds with a kitchenette. The kitchen had a full size fridge which was Awesome! I text my sil found out she wouldn't arrive till 6 or so, the 3 of us then headed out to buy provisions. We ended up throwing stuff in our cart at Wmart as we were all so tired and hot by then we just wanted to get back to the motel and swim. The pool at the motel was great. We had it to ourselves the whole time we were there. It was crazy but obviously pretty sweet!

I will stop with the moment to moment detailing now. My sil arrived and we truly began to party. We had a great girl bonding weekend. Oh don't get me wrong there were petty moments - moments where we got on each other's nerves but we survived. No fights, no arguing or anything like that. We all get along pretty great. S just always wants me to drink which even at the best of times I don't enjoy doing all the time but now being on meds I not only know I shouldn't be sometimes don't feel so great doing it but still she will nag me a little. Once I drop the meds bomb she will usually shut up. But just the same I shouldn't have to drop it, if I don't want to drink then don't force it. Of course maybe I'm a wet rag when I don't drink who knows?

Both nights we went out dancing. Well technically only Sunday night we danced cause they had good music that night. The 2nd night the music totally sucked and we couldn't leave fast enough. We made it to a pub before finally calling it a night at midnight.

We set our alarm for 8am Tuesday morning but then reset it for 9. Of course after that I was up anyway. I got permission for us to stay after check out so we could swim the morning away. Which we did. We packed up and swam till we forced ourselves to get out as sil had to be on the road for 1:00.

We had lunch at a nearby 50's diner and then hit the road. My sil going one way and us the other.

All in all it was an Awesome girls get away. Girls know how to relax and just chill for hours on end. Oh and if we get antsy we just shop! I bought a pair of cr0cs - my first pair. They look like regular black sandals but....are like walking on a cloud. Seriously wow.

The only other thing that kind of bugged me this weekend was T's constant texting with her guy. All the time. I can't help it, I just get pissed off. You're here with US put away the phone and be in the moment! My sil didn't even text my brother except for 2 or 3 times a day and she has a baby so that's totally understandable. I could go on about this but just know I had to bite my tongue a lot when I saw T pick up her phone and begin to rapidly text away every half hour or so. I was tempted to remind her about how we used to make fun of C so much for texting with her guy all the time but decided my bitterness would shine through and be way more bitchy than I intended so I just zipped it. But rest assured years from now I will be bringing this up with her!

Anywho I'm just glad my stomach is starting to feel better. It was actually sore on Monday when we were away. Sunday night I had really weird dreams involving my stomach - it's intersting to see how the mind takes your problems and interprets them in your dreams.

It is wickedly hot here. It's supposed to cool down for the weekend which is fine with me. With no pool or beach close I am ready for Fall to come now.

Mkay I think it is time to bug the hubby and see what he wants to make me for lunch! The meds have kicked in and my tummy seems to have stabilized -yah! Here's hoping for a calm lunch!

11:42 a.m. - 2010-09-01


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