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This kind of certainty.....

I meant to go to bed before midnight but the hubs had a hard time falling asleep earlier so I stayed with him until he did. He's had a rough day. Work stuff plus we think he lost his wallet. We're hoping it's in his work truck but we're not holding out much hope. It's not the money (even though it's a few hundred) that we're worried about it's all the cards he'd have to replace. Sigh. I really hope we find his wallet.

Remember those tummy problems from a few days ago? They are still hanging on. I think they are gone but then wham out of nowhere I am running to the bathroom (yup way too much tmi). I even left work today at 4 cause my body was being unpredictable. C'est la vie. It may be my 'out' for not going to T dot on Sunday for S's party. I'm terrible aren't I? I'm just finding way more negatives than positives for going to S's party. I'm too tired to list them but trust me the negatives are winning by a landslide. But you never know what will happen - I mean I did paint my fingernails tonight and I haven't done that in ages. I may just surprise you.

I watched a movie that I pvr'd last night. The Bridges of Madison County. This is such a chick movie I know. But....there's something about it. Something that makes me cry each and every time I watch it. Always at the same parts. The main part is where Robert is standing in the rain and Franjesca is sitting in her truck then he gets in his truck and they are behind him and she grabs the handle of the door and is gripping it tightly and beginning to turn it. My heart wrenches each and every time. And one line just Kills me each time I watch the movie: "This kind of certainy comes but once in a lifetime". Seriously my words can't do justice how I feel about this movie. I'm probably not even the target age for it. I just have this wicked imagination which allows me to almost feel how torn the heroine is between a life of responsibility and a life of passion. She knows the passion will change and what they had will become tainted. It's just....powerful. It's odd that I don't own this movie.

Anywho enough of my ramblings. I have a 3 day weekend to look forward to. Tomorrow I may or may not be going with T to look at another wedding dress. She sent out an email tonight to me and 3 friends asking us all to be bridesmaids. I guess that moh thing we talked about last week is out the window? Ah T ever the one not to make a decision that may upset people. I already chastised her today for leading S on. Whenever S talks about having a party T agrees with her about coming BUT then backs out. I text her about this weekend and sure enough she backed out so I sort of called her on it and blasted her. I told her from now on just say no to S and not give her hope if she doesn't plan on even going. I'm really not upset about not being a moh for T. Basically I don't want all the responsibility. And she sure as hell better not pull me aside and ask me again 'in secret' or some shit like that. Hell no. I get full credit or I am doing squat. Seriously. I am not going to stress myself out and throw parties and shit if I don't get the title. If we're all bridesmaids I will for sure pull my weight and do all the duties happily - as a group. I'm getting crankier in my old age don't ya know. So anywho the email she sent also was an invite to come and have a little group hangout as really the 4 of us don't hang out with the exception of C obviously. Except T chose my b-day weekend in which I will be away. The funny thing is we talked about this particular weekend when planning an outing for my b-day but I kiboshed it then. Alcohol really does kill brain cells.

Alright I can tell I'm super tired cause I'm getting super bitchy. It's funny but I think as I get older the less tolerant I am becoming. I'm not sure I like that about myself but I seem to be taking less shit these past few years. Unfortunately it seems to come across as bitchy which actually may be true in some cases.

Mkay here's to a great long weekend! After the weekend I work 3 days and then get another 3 day weekend - I love flex days! I booked a haircut for next Friday. I think I'm going short again - short and choppy. No more wearing my hair up and back all the time! G'night!

12:11 a.m. - 2010-09-04


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