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Do you think he hears sirens in his sleep?

Life is funny. Both Keith and I are having crazy weeks. But on a totally different scale. His keeps getting crappier. He has been pulled over by the police twice. Once in his car - the blinkers weren't blinking (the car shorts out) but got away with a warning. Then he got pulled over in the truck today and they ended up pulling the licence plates on the truck cause it was deemed unsafe. It's not his truck so it's not too bad. He did get a $100 fine for not keeping the log book up to date (or whatever it's called) but since there was no such book in the truck he doesn't have to pay for it - thankfully. His wallet never appeared so it's officially m.i.a. I was kind of hoping we would get it in the mail or a call or something this week but no such luck.

As for me and my craziness? Well I got called into my manager's office and offered a job. A higher paying job. I'm still on the same team but in a different position. I had applied for it knowing I wouldn't get it back before summer began. I was right 2 other girls got it with more seniority. But they have decided to add another position and I was next in line in terms of seniority. I was torn. I have been getting bored in my current job but at the same time I get away with murder in that job. I am comfortable. And that was also why I mainly decided to take the job. To step out of my comfort zone. Also for the money :)

So yah I came home and talked it over with Keith and then slept on it. I knew I would be an idiot to pass it up. A job was falling in my lap and I would be stupid to turn it down. So before I lost my nerve I walked in to my manager's office first thing this morning and told her YES I would take it. Shew decision made. The rest of my co-workers find out tomorrow morning at our team meeting. One will be ecstatic and another will be upset that I'm leaving her. I'm sort of her brain and I say that without any ego - the woman can be a tad scatter brained.

So yah that's been our crazy week. Tomorrow is my Friday and I am so happy. On the real Friday I will be going to get my hair cut. I want to get it choppy again but this place has a hard time doing that so we'll see if it happens or not. After that I plan on dying my hair again (if I can find the damn hair dye - it's disappeared!)

Okay I am going to eat my popped popcorn - dinner was a salad with grilled chicken and this girl is starving - and watch big bro. It's taping now so I can fast forward through commercials!

8:20 p.m. - 2010-09-08


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