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Another weekend is ov-ah. Boo. My second 3 day weekend in a row, next weekend is gonna feel too short!

Friday I got my haircut and it's actually now above my shoulders! I explained to the girl what I wanted and all the layers and she gave it to me! I'm loving' the new do' but it will take a while to get used to styling it again - not just washing it, letting it dry for 15 minutes or so and then throwing it up for most of the day.

After my haircut I took myself out to lunch, had a short visit with T at her work and then got my eyebrows waxed. I also did a little second hand shopping - only bought 2 shirts and then headed home where I grabbed a book and sat outside for the afternoon - the weather was gorgeous!

Saturday I cleaned/did nothing for most of the day until Keith got home from work. So yah the rest of the weekend was good. I told Keith that we should forgo gifts this year for our Anniversary and just celebrate. So we're going away for a night and throwing away a few bucks for a decent hotel room in our favourite tourist spot - Niagara Falls. We're staying on the strip which I am so excited about. Normally we stay pretty close at one of the high rises but they didn't have any decent deals so I was super psyched to book a room on the strip - with a jacuzzi tub in the room for 2!

This week is my b-day so I'm sure it will help the week speed by! Tuesday there's a group of us going out to the race track - a tradition that I love - and betting on the horses. I always lose money but it's so fun. Then Wednesday - the actual day - I'm heading in to work late (I saved up some time just so I could sleep in on my b-day!) and then that night Keith and I will head out so he can watch me get my Lobster on! Mmmm lobster! I'm also toying with the idea of taking in a movie afterward since Keith can stay up a bit later this week. Then on the weekend I'm heading to my parents for the ol' family celebration which includes going to the town fair to watch cars smash into each other! Yup it's definitely a week to look forward to! I wonder if the hubs has got me a b-day gift yet? I haven't been dropping any hints that I can think of so I have no idea what he would get me.

A'ight I am gonna finish up this laundry and head upstairs - I may or may not clean the kitchen before heading to bed. I know I won't be able to sleep since I am way off my sleeping schedule but I gotta try!

Good night!

9:40 p.m. - 2010-09-12


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