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Waiting for the beep

It's just wrong how fast I can order stuff off of the internet now. I mean, I used to be a virgin at it but now I'm....a pro. Nah not really a pro but I did just order a movie - Legal Eagles in like 2 minutes. It's one of my all time favourite movies and yah...let's just call it an early b-day present to myself. Except I um have had a LOT of early b-day presents to myself. Games, clothes and now movies. Gulp. Luckily my b-day is over in 2 days!

I bought a pair of jeans at lunch with a shirt - it's my birthday outfit! Then after work I bought a pair of blue work pants that I've been looking for - along with 4 shirts. BUT those 4 shirts were cheaper than the pants! 2 of them were $3 and the other two were $3.50. Cheap! Justified! Oh and all clothes were bought at a real store and not 2nd hand!

So I woke up this morning listening to the news as usual. They were going on about some car accident on the 401 - the highway was closed off because of a fatality. It had been closed since around 4am. The first thing I thought of was Keith. He was travelling on that highway today at that time. My stomach did a somersault. I didn't want to call his cell phone freaking him out but I had to get in contact with him. So I text him asking if the accident had affected his getting to work this morning. Then I waited several agonizing minutes before the phone beeped back indicating he answered. Talk about sweet relief. I hate mornings like that. Of course after that mini drama this morning I was ready to take on the world. Couldn't find what I had originally planned to wear? Who cares! Gonna be late for work cause I decided to stop and chop up some strawberries? Forget about it! I was just happy to be alive - and that my sweety was safe and sound at work.

Although it didn't do much for my sanity to get a call from said sweety this evening saying that the car was acting up again and he would be late. We think it's time to put the car down. I mean it could come at a worse time...but not by much. Dang cars.

Tomorrow is back cracking day and then on to the Races to do a bit of gambling on horses. Poor C threw her back out - the girl Finally agreed to see a chiropractor cause this happens way too often. T hasn't answered any emails or texts so who knows if she even remembers about tomorrow? It should be an interesting evening!

Mkay it is bed time. Early yes, but last night I had a heck of a time falling asleep so I am ti-r-ed. Sleep well!

10:02 p.m. - 2010-09-13


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