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R.I.P. Whitey

....and just when you thought it couldn't get any worse....

So I'm not sure if I mentioned that my brakes were making a funny noise - as in clunking - well we took the car to the mechanic and a few hours later plus $400 the car was magically fixed! Tada!

Then....2 days later I get a call from Keith he's stuck on the 4-0-1 (major Toronto highway). The car broke down while he was in the fast lane of course - engine just conked out. Thankfully he managed to get it off to the shoulder - although since it was right beside the fast lane I was still nervous for him. The next few hours involved driving many kilometres in rush hour traffic with very little to show for it. Eventually he was towed to our garage where we found out the dead. She is gone. No magic money fix this time - unless you know we had like 3 grand to spend and even then it would only be the tip of the iceberg.

This all happened yesterday. We were pretty much in shock and were absorbing the news when my parents called us back (I had spoken to them previously) and offered us the use of their car for the next couple weeks while we search for another car (they have 2 also but my mom doesn't drive much on her own). We will be meeting them half way tomorrow and getting the car from them after having an early dinner together.

Today you probably think we went car hunting - you would be wrong! We didn't even discuss our car issues! What we did do was get up at 5:30am and were out of the house by 6am on the way to deliver bread (Keith's job). We got waylaid by an hour or so due to the same highway above coming to a complete stop due to a double fatality that had happened 3 hours earlier and had completely shut down the highway. Eventually we made it to the truck and were on our way. The day went pretty smoothly and we had the truck dropped back off before noon.

We decided to spend the day booting around the area we had just delivered bread to. We went second hand shopping and we went regular shopping. We spent money we probably shouldn't have but we also bought several birthday and christmas gifts. Christmas! At the second hand places we bought a Santa cookie jar (okay seriously this thing is awesome and for me!), 2 purses one was supposed to be for T but I just may keep it. The purses were on 'sale' for the half hour we were there - half price. Both purses I liked didn't have price stickers on them so I may have helped them out a bit by finding a price I liked and slapping it on. Yah I know terribley wrong of me but I got 2 awesome purses for $6! We also found some more gems just for us and then on to the 'regular' shopping where we got some awesome deals on gifts and also awesome price for heat packs for Keith's ailing body. I also got some apple cinammon tea candles that smell divine!

We finally made it home a little after 6:30 and are now barely able to stay awake after a din of soup and sandwiches. The belly is full and the eyes are drooping. We will be lucky if I make it to 9 o'clock!

8:32 p.m. - 2010-09-25


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