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5 short years

5 years - wow. It does not feel like it's been 5 years since I've been married to the man of my dreams. The man who is my rock, my one and only, my prince charming...the one I sometimes want to throttle! Yup my one and only and I are celebrating 5 blissful years of marriage today. But more on that in a bit. Let's start with the entry I wrote yesterday but never got around to posting!

Yesterday's musings:

As I switched beds this morning at 4am I ended up waking myself enough that my brain began to 'switch on'. I suddenly started thinking about my new job that starts Monday. I began to have serious doubts about taking the job. Was I going to be so busy now that I could no longer goof off for....well most of the day? Was this going to be a good thing or bad? Good that I would be busy, bad that I...well I like to goof off. The girls who started the job ahead of me barely lift their heads to talk these days but they claim to love it. So I guess right now I will go with it being a good thing.

My upper back is killing me. I'm pretty sure it's out. I have no idea what I did to make it do this. I was fine when I went to bed and I'm pretty sure I was okay when I got up. Hopefully it will work itself out or that I can manipulate it enough so it goes back into place.

I have a secret. A dirty disgusting secret that I don't want to share with y'all in fear that you not understand. But it's driving me crazy so here it goes. I have fruit flies. And I don't mean a few. These pests are EVERYWHERE in our house. In the basement (where they originated in a near empty beer bottle no less), in the kitchen, in the bathrooms and even the odd few in the bedrooms. WTF?! We have been placing little bowls with fruit juice and dish detergent with plastic over them and holes poked through them in various rooms in the house and we are catching tons of them. But still they are abundant! I'm not a dirty person I'm really not. I do verge on the edge of clutterered I will admit. But still we try and keep our place fairly clean. Tonight I plan on flushing out our drains in the kitchen and bathroom - hm and the downstairs bathroom too now that I think of it! This is apparently quite the fertile place! I also plan on going over the basement with a fine tooth comb looking for anything that may have got left behind at a party or even by us. Let's just say bleach will be my friend tonight! So there you have it - my dirty secret. Do you think any less of me? No wait...don't answer that!

Speaking of tonight. I won't get to my cleaning as fast as I hoped as I just remembered I promised T I would go and look at another wedding dress with her after work. Damn. Ah well it's been a while since we hung out so it will be good to catch up. The bridesmaids are all supposed to be getting together in a few weeks as a get to know you sort of celebration. We're heading to her house which is the weekend after Oktoberfest which means she doesn't have her step child to be that weekend which means they do have her the weekend of Oktoberfest which means that they won't be attending it with us. Did I lose you there? It's gonna be a small crowd this year. I'm not impressed. I've said it before but it may just be the last year for a while that we attend. It's just too much of a hassle.

Anyway, the other night Keith and I went out looking at used cars. We went out around 7:30 in hopes that most used places would be closed. We wanted to just look and not be bugged. For the most part we were successful. We managed to look and not talk to anyone. Of course we didn't really find anything that promising. At first I was all impatient and just wanted to buy a car NOW but now that my parents have loaned us their car for a few weeks I suddenly am worried about choosing a car. About making the wrong decision if you will. Basically I'm scared that we're going to buy a used car and find out afterwards we were duped and have to put thousands into it. Our mechanic did have a used car that he showed us and we test drove but it was not for us. Keith barely fit behind the wheel - his knees were pretty much hitting the steering wheel. Plus I just didn't feel the vibe that it was meant for us. There was one car lot I wouldn't mind going back to but I imagine we'll probably expand our search first before going back for a second look anywhere.

Of course I'm not sure when we're going to find the time. We technically could cancel our plans for this weekend but I'm just not willing to do that. We're heading to the Falls to celebrate our 5th Wedding Anniversary. It's only for a night but I think we deserve a little get away. It will keep us sane. We'll just have to start looking after work during the week even though I know Keith will HATE it cause he's always so wiped at the end of a work day.

I was just doing some mild stretching and may have made my back worse - oops.

Speaking of stretching. I have fallen so OFF the fitness wagon it ain't even funny. I cannot remember the last time I actually exercised besides the 2 or 3 times I took a walk in the last few months and I would not call that quality exercise. My motivation has dropped to an all time low. So of course eating bad goes hand in hand with that. For some reason we seem to have treats galore at our house. Then the other day Keith came home with a HUGE box full of chips. Another truck driver threw the box into the back of his truck. Not cool mr chip man not cool!

I really should start walking at work again. The weather is gorgeous - nice and chill lately - which is perfect. The rain hasn't been too bad so really there is no excuse besides the ones I make up to stop me. I'm hoping that next week I will start - oh wait except for Monday cause I'm having lunch with C and Friday cause I am off. You see since I start my new job on Monday I will now have constant lunch hours and no longer have variable lunch hours or have to worry about covering phones or reception at the last minute - there will be NONE of that! Sweet. Walking shoes prepare to get worn out!

Speaking of the new job. I just found out that I have 4 days of training in T dot in December. Pretty cool as I like to be put up at Hotels and live the good life for a few days. The only problem? My train leaves at 10 o'clock at night and arrives at 11:30 at night! That is just plain crazy. I am now considering the option of leaving at 6am and working out of our head office that day OR maybe looking into taking the bus at a reasonable hour. Something besides checking in at a hotel for midnight and being up at 7 the next morning for training!

Current (again):

So yah let's see to update on the above:

- Looked at the dress with T and it was a big solid NO - the dress had a stain on it!

- My back did not get better and I was forced to call my chiro who managed to fit me in. She was shocked at how bad my back was. Yah I have no idea what I did but I'm icing it while I sit here typing this!

- T may end up going to Oktober-fest after all so I didn't have to throw such a hissy fit over it.

So yah I had a pretty good day besides the back thing. I got an email saying I was getting a new computer TODAY then an hour later it was set up in my NEW spot which I wasn't supposed to move to until the middle of the month! So yah my day was spent running around moving over all my stuff and still trying to get some work done (that didn't really happen). Monday I start my new job and right now I am pretty psyched - I hope it stays that way!

The hubby surprised me by having an awesome dinner ready for me when I got home - steak, lobster & baked potato! He also gave me a sweet card - I'm glad he remembered that I wanted a card!

And the icing on the cake? As I left work the hubby told me to call him so I did. He told me that our local radio station had called and I won BNL tickets! I entered the contest this week - you collect 'points' by naming the song of the day etc. and then use your 'points' to enter contests. The concert is Tuesday night at a town 1.5 hours away. I had told Keith before I entered since I knew work was a concern but he gave the okay knowing he would have Wednesday to rest. After picking up the tickets I stopped at a boot store and picked myself up a sweet pair of brown boots. Happy Anniversary to Moi!

Tomorrow once the hubby gets home we're hitting the road to the Falls! I am psyched. I have to get a decent night's sleep so I can get up early enough to pack us an overnight bag and have us all ready to go when the hubby gets home - hopefully around noon.

Let's hope we're both not too broken to enjoy the Falls tomorrow - my back and his knee - we make a great pair! Well I'm off to paint my nails something pretty!

9:05 p.m. - 2010-10-01


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