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Turkey Weekend!!!

Turkey day, Turkey day, Turkey day - it's almost Turkey Day!!! I heart Thanksgiving. We are just about ready to go - just about meaning an hour or so away! The pumpkin cheesecakes have been made (by Keith) and the bags have been packed (by me). I also cleaned the kitchen just in case you thought I got off easy!

Now we just have to scrub ourselves clean, pack the car, stop at a few places on the way out of town (getting expensive gas would be one of those places) and then we'll be on the highway to my parents where we will stay until Monday morning at which time we will then make our way to Keith's parents for more turkey!

This weekend is supposed to be gorgeous in terms of weather. Yesterday was nice but windy. And I should know since I was out in it yesterday since 4:30am! Yah I went to work with the hubby again - this time we had to be up at 4am though (ouch!). Although we did go to bed at 8pm. Yah I was out like a light at 8pm! It was insane. Guess I needed the sleep.

We finished work around 12:30. We eventually had lunch around 2 at which point I was beyond starving. Then for the next few hours we drove around - Absolutely Stunning Scenery. The Fall colours are just gorgeous!!! We then did a little shopping at a few used and liquidation stores picking up a few odds and ends.

We got home by 6:30 last night and both of us were toast. We unfortunately had to go out and do more shopping this time in terms of groceries - the fixins' for pumpkin cheese cake. By 9 o'clock we were both toast. Keith fell asleep almost immediately but I read for a while and eventually went to sleep around 10:30.

We slept in till 8am (did I seriously just write 'slept in')? So yah we're just about ready to head out. Oh yah we also bought little D cute halloween pj's. I was trying to talk his parents into staying over at my parents for the weekend but they are set on just making an appearance at the Turkey gathering on Sunday and then heading back home - BOO!

Mkay I have to tear the hubby away from his computer now and start getting us ready to head out the door. Happy Thanksgiving to any Canadians out there reading this!!! And to everyone else - feel free to eat some turkey this weekend as well!!

12:32 p.m. - 2010-10-09


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