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...and then THIS happened....

This is definitely a day that will go down in his-tor-y. Let's begin shall we?

This morning I woke up tired - as per usual - drove to work in a rainy drizzle and had a brainstorm: I would park in my co-worker's spot as she's closer thus preventing me from getting wet and *ahem* walking! Done.

Got into work only to find out that said co-worker brought her car for the first time in 3 months (she sublets her spot to another girl who is currently on vacation). We spoke about me moving my car but then decided it should be okay as she parked in a vacant spot.

Found out that our head office had no power - subsequently they ALL got to go home and have a play day! My peeps had to go on phones all day - the only bright spot with my new job right now is that they can't throw me on phones!

Went out to lunch with my friend Paul. Spent most of that hour feeling down and depressed right beside him cause that guy is just so damn depressing. His laptop band or whatever that other surgery is was not approved cause 2 doctor's that he saw said he was bi-polar. He complains that he doesn't sleep. He takes a nap from 5 - 11 which may have something to do with it. But I'm not gonna go there cause I know depression is a serious thing that I don't totally understand. But needless to say I walked away from lunch without a bounce in my step.

Fast forward to 4:30, I convince my co-worker P to leave with me as normally she stays till 4:50. We leave. We get in the elevator - we both notice that her car is no longer in the lot across the street.

We book it back upstairs call the owner of the lot afraid that he had her car towed cause I was in her spot. He assured her he didn't have any car towed and that no one can tow without his permission. We then figure that her husband picked up her car earlier and would probably be downstairs waiting for her. We went back down - no husband. We waited - we then called her home - he was there without the car. Felt my stomach sink like a rock. Went back up called the owner again - he then 'remembered' a woman mentioning she had a brother in law who was a tow truck driver. Alarm bells began to ring in our head. He told us where the woman was - she recently opened a clothing/purse store close by. We went there - woman was a pure BITCH and told us that yes she had it towed. My heart began to beat triple time as I felt the guilt begin to cave in.

After the woman so nicely called her BIL we found out where the car was and went to it. When all was said and done it cost P $141 to get her car back. I say it cost her because she won't let me give her a dime. I even had $70 in my hand and tried to repeatedly give it to her. She is going to try and get the money out of the guy who owns the lot as he has always maintained that no cars could be towed without his permission. All in all it was just a clusterfuck of a day and I have learned my lesson - I will walk to the ends of the earth to get to work before I park in another co-worker's spot. We always joked around about getting towed knowing it would never happen. Needless to say the woman who had P towed will NEVER get our business. And not anyone else's that I know either. I get that she was upset but calling the owner of the lot would have caused a lot less heartache and money. Oh and he was the one would told P last time - a few months ago - that if this happened again to park in that spot - it was vacant. Of course know one knows that I was the one to park in her spot and she played it as if she didn't know it was me. Even if it hadn't been me she would have done the same thing with the same result except that you know...I wouldn't be feeling so damn guilty right now.

*end of story

8:56 p.m. - 2010-10-14


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