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Preparing to Polka & Party!

Yaaaah so guess who didn't go to work today? Last night as I lay in bed wide awake reading my book I looked at the clock and said f*ck it, I'm calling in tomorrow! I had a crappy week. The murder, my flex being cancelled and then P's car being towed. It was e-nough. Plus the work has been dribbling in - that I can do since I don't start my official training until Tuesday of next week. So calling in seemed like the perfect thing to do.

I woke up half an hour before my alarm this morning and debated whether to still call in or not - obviously you know my answer. Now see, I have this um...moral dilema if you will. Normally after I come back from being sick I send my manager an email with my absence slip and it's deducted from my attendance credits. I have a whole whack load so really I'm not worried about running out. But still no one really wants to use their credits. If I forget my manager will normally send a 'reminder' email. The last 2 times I was off sick my manager didn't ask and I didn't offer if you catch my drift. I don't know if she's forgetting know. I don't want this to sound weird but my manager Really likes me - as in I know that I am her favourite. I swear I'm not conceited or imagining things. We've just always got along great especially before she was my boss. We chatted and she even asked me to the movies once - before she was my boss. I know I'm easy to get along with and I tend to be the class clown a lot - anything for a laugh. So yah I don't know if she's just super busy or maybe 'intentionally not remembering'. I guess I will find out come Monday! I swear though she is super professional and doesn't play favourites. I think I may have just painted her in a bad light and I didn't mean to!!

So yah after calling in at 6:45 I stayed up and read till 8:15 or so. I then pulled the covers back over my head and went to sleep until 9:50 or so. Oops. But that was the last of my laziness! I then jumped out of bed and into the shower. I raced to the coffee shop and got myself a large coffee and some breakfast (our kitchen WAS a disaster).

For the remainder of the day I wandered room to room cleaning and organizing for tomorrow night. The house is looking pretty good if I do say so myself! I even did like 4 or maybe 5 loads of laundry - I was on a roll!

The hubs is in bed - he was completely knackered when he got home around 6 (gone since 2am). He watched me put together one of the two shelves we bought a few weeks ago while in the Falls. He said he'd put them together tomorrow but I've recently started enjoying doing this kind of thing so I grabbed a screwdriver and dug in. After I post this I will head back on down to the floor and put the 2nd one together. And I better do it soon since I just got into the alcohol. Oh not to drink by myself - it's a test for tomorrow night's drink. I wanted to try a new drink (new to me!) called sea-breeze. I mixed it exactly as the recipe said - measured out and everything. It um seems a little strong so I may have to add a wee bit more mix! It seems yummy even though I wish my mix was colder. I did just put it in the bar fridge though. I de-frosted the freezer today and stocked it full of beer and mix - we are ready to party. Now we just need the people!

*I just took a sip of my drink - the next to last sip - and I physically shivered...yup strong!

9:09 p.m. - 2010-10-15


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