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Oh what to say. It was a lovely weekend. On Friday the hubs and I made our way to T dot - a bit later than planned but that seems to be our way. Our gps died - for good - so we were without navigation. I had brought an old map at the last minute - we're talking like 8 years or older - somehow with this map we muddled our way to the places we needed to be. It wasn't even a specific map of Toronto either! We ended up changing our plans around a bit and going to the Science Centre on Saturday instead.

We had a great time shopping in our used stores and not so used stores. I bought a wicked pair of leather boots - they were $70 but on sale for half price cause it was a closing sale. Although the worker nearly destroyed the zipper trying to get the anti-theft device off - it was pried on there and they used scissors, vice grips and a hammer! They took the hammer into the back room with the boot so I have no idea what happened to that poor boot! But it came out intact and it was the last pair left - not even just in my size but THE last pair left. I wanted to find more bargains but I accepted my wicked find and we left the store.

We finally made it home around 10:30 last night - tired but satisfied with our mini-excursion. Oh yah I forgot to mention that I'm pretty sure my under water camera is also dead. It gave this horrific beeping sound when I had it in the pool. We're pretty sure water leaked in. I did forget to check the battery compartment but in all honesty I never check it. You have to click it after charging the battery for the compartment to shut completely so I never think of checking it again. It may end up being a Very expensive weekend for us.

Today was a Very lazy day. Lazy as in I didn't have to get changed into my pj's as I never got out of them! Keith had bought a monopoly card game that we played. The first few times I was a very poor sport and um may have even thrown my cards at one point. I can be a poor loser sometimes. But eventually I got the hang of the game and even managed to win a hand or two. It's a fun game once you understand it. We ended up playing several more hands this evening.

Well I should probably wrap this up and go put my muffins away and head to bed. Tomorrow I get to sleep in since I don't have to be at work till 8:30 - no more flex - silver lining? I am gonna try and be a bit early cause of the breakfast I organized for our new manager. I hope my team mates will remember to bring in food as well!!

9:45 p.m. - 2010-10-24


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