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Wow...a Monday that didn't suck!

Well don't I feel foolish - going to T dot on what I thought was my last flex day ev-ah....oh that's right my little pretties my flex time is BACK!!! I got the call today informing me that they are going to go ahead and let me resume my flex. I was surprised and happy to say the least.

I wonder what our neighbours thought of us last night. Two hours before halloween started (before the first of the trick or treaters) we decked the house out with blow-ups, skulls, strobe light, fog and freshly carved pumpkins. By 9:10pm everything was gone and you could never tell that halloween visited our house at all. So many kids commented on our setup and quite a few told us we had the best house in the neighbourhood. Yah we puffed up with pride I'll admit it. Also a LOT of kids commented when we gave them a treat bag filled with candy rather than just the lone chocolate bar or whatever. We get a kick making the bags. We put in a bag of chips, a chocolate bar, a few candies and a small toy. Oh yah we do it up right. We don't get hundreds of kids and that's why we can afford to do it - we also buy the treat bags and toys AFTER halloween for the next year! We got about 61 kids this year.

So what's a form of torture for a gal who loves to read? A HUGE book sale where said girl buys not one not two but three HUGE bags of awesomely priced books at the BEGINNING of Nanowrimo! Torture! I went with C on Friday after work to her city's huge booksale - in a warehouse - people lined up around the building and it was just insanity when they let everyone in. People had carts and now I know why. I got some really great books at great prices. It's gonna be hard to resist - but nanowrimo comes first - even though I technically haven't even started yet!

I just made pumpkin seeds. Damn but they can be addictive. Must put them away NOW.

We got our new car this weekend. We drove to the shwa for my sil's b-day - there was about 20 people there like I said. Of course the planners of the party: me and my other sil were late! The 4 of us met up at the mall a few hours beforehand and we got carried away and had to rush but still we were late - oops.

My new car is awesome. I mean it's a 4 cylander (sp?) and small inside but it's perfect for what we need it for. Keith says it has highway pep which is very good. We did have a moment though as we left to go home on Saturday in our new to us car. We were pulling up to a light when suddenly the car died! We pushed it off to the side turned it off and sat there. With fingers crossed we started it back up...and it was fine. The next hour and a half I kept an eagle eye on the car as I drove and it was perfect. I told my dad later and he thinks it may have been 'stuff' in the gasline. Apparently the night before the car was syphoned at my parents house (hooligans!) and he thinks it may have stirred up some gunk or whatever. I don't know how true that may be but we have a warranty on the car for at least 6 months so I guess time will tell.

Mkay I MUST go and get some writing done now. I don't want to stay up too late (ha) but I did have a cat nap earlier - about 15 minutes - when I was putting Keith to bed. I rolled over and bam I was out! That cat nap totally helped so now I must make good use of the time and get some writing done. Let the games begin!

10:07 p.m. - 2010-11-01


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