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Rapping while I wrap....nah not really

Is it really just THREE days before Christmas? Scary! As prepared as I said I was earlier this month I am once again rushing around albeit not with the same kind of craziness that is usually occurring this time of year. I have 99% of the gifts wrapped. I would say I was 100% done but I am never happy with what I have, I always seem to have the need to get one or two more little things!

So last week I was in T dot on training. It honest to goodness felt like a mini vacation! Even with going into work every day! I would leisurely get up and ready, walk the 5 minutes to the training site and then casually get ready for the day. I did already know most of the stuff I was getting trained on for my new job but as I told my trainer this job so far is like a puzzle. Over time I keep getting more and more pieces to the puzzle and this is what training was for me Ė more pieces so I can someday hope to complete the puzzle and actually know my job!

Every day we were let out early Ė around 2:30 or 3:00 and I would head back to my hotel room and get all comfy in the chair by the huge picture window (14th floor that looked out over the CN Tower) and read my book. It was a huge bonus that I brought a good book cause I could not put that book down all week! Every evening I saw S. We would do dinner and then swim in my pool at the hotel. The pool was never busy as in there was never anyone there! One night we deviated from the schedule and I went to the A-G-O (where she works and I got to tour it for free). It just reminded me that once again I do NOT get art. I mean 12 canvases in a room all painted white is supposed to represent what exactly? I can appreciate people who paint pictures, things, landscapes or what have you but abstract art I just sadly do not get.

After that we had sushi for dinner and then headed out to a pub that was known for itís variety of beers. I even found one I liked Ė strawberry beer! It was awesome!

So yah all in all it was a great week and it really felt like coming back from a vacation. I was sad to leave. So sad in fact that on my last day at the hotel I got up early and went for a swim before checking out Ė now thatís a love of water!

Our poor Christmas tree sat naked in our living room the whole week I was gone. Iím the decorator of the tree not Keith. He helps put up the lights and tinsel stuff. I did decorate it on the weekend and it looks happy and twinkly. We even got our butts in gear and put our lights up outside. We found a few strands that we already owned (since the ones we bought turned out to be crap). Plus we put our inflatableís up. NOW it looks like Christmas at our house!

Tomorrow I was supposed to have dinner with C and T. Well technically dinner was supposed to happen Monday night but T had to reschedule due to work. Now we just got an email from her telling us she has to cancel it due to a family situation which we totally understand but still sucks. I have somehow fixed it so that C and I will do dinner tomorrow and then meet up with T after she gets off work at 8 so we can exchange gifts and see each other.

I found out that I am 82% sure I am leaving work at noon on Friday. My new boss is a little whack and canít give a straight out and out answer. I have taken it as a Ďyesí and am having Keith pack the car and pick me up at noon on Friday and we will leave for my parents straight from work. This girl is smart! I am super excited to see the fam not to mention my little D man. Heís 10 months! Heís such a big boy that he looks way older especially in pictures. I told my sil to put him back in footy pjís stat so he can look young again!

So itís no surprise that Iíve been listening to x-mas music non-stop for like a month now. I listen to our local station and to an internet one based out of North Carolina. The NC one is my favourite Ė it plays more old stuff Ė the classics if you will. Like a former d-lander I read I thought I would mention my 4 favourite songs of the moment (besides the classics Ė Silver Bells, Bing Crosbyís Iím Dreaming of a White Christmas etc). The songs I am enamored with at the moment are a little strange even if I do say so myself!

#1 Make it Christmas Day by Jann Arden Ė not sure why I love this one so much but I do.

#2 Same Old Lang Syne by Dan Folgeberg Ė yah I probably listen to this one a couple times a day by you tubing it Ė I just am really digging it!

#3 Mary Did You Know by Kenny Rogers & Wynona Ė yah and it has to be these 2, I really really like their version! Although I also really love my brotherís version but he doesnít have his recorded!

And last but not least the 4th song I really love hearing on the radio and crank it when I hear it is....sorry D but itís Maryís Boy Child by Boney M. Honestly I never knew who sung this song until yesterday! I just watched the video now and itís pretty hilarious! Of course, I also have emotional ties to the song as I remember hearing it for the first time at a Pentecostal church my older brother went to for a while (we are Presbyterian so Iím really not sure why he was going to a different church). But the kids put on a Christmas service and that was one of the songs and I remember being in awe of it.

So there you have it, my favourite Christmas the moment! Although honestly nothing beats Christmas Hymns anytime but most of all during a Candlelight service with just a piano for accompaniment and then on the last verse the piano stops and itís just the people singing and yah I get chills and pretty much choke up and have to stop myself from crying. I am a sucker when it comes to Christmas hymns. Actually Iím a sucker with Christmas movies as well. I cry 99% of the time watching them. Not all the way through them or anything crazy like that but during an emotional bit or the ending. Even comedies! For example during Planes, Trains and Automobiles I cry when Steve Martinís character realizes that John Candyís characterís wife is dead and that heís going to be all alone for Christmas. Hits ya right in the olí ticker I tell ya!

Well that was enough going down memory lane for now. Time to get my butt in gear. Presents to wrap and laundry to finish!

6:31 p.m. - 2010-12-22


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