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Oh look it's Twenty-Eleven!

Hm so I really haven't written since before x-mas? Crazy!

Christmas was good. I got off at noon and was able to be on the road for 1 with presents and Keith in the car! We went to x-mas eve service and it was beautiful as always. We watched It's a Wonderful Life when we got home - same as last year - but my sil hates the movie and went to bed instead. Keith and I lost our sweet sleeping spot. It's sad that we call a pullout couch a sweet sleeping spot! But the bed in the spare room is a double and Keith and I just do not fit on a double bed - it was a miserable 2 nights I'm not gonna lie. But my bro and sil need the basement for baby D. I can't be too bitter if it's for Mr D.

The weekend went by super fast and before we knew it we were packing up to head home.

Keith had his last week of work this week so now he is officially unemployed. Bring on the tums cause I am hell-a worried about him getting another job but I don't want to verbalize my worries and stress him out. He plans on taking a week or two to de-stress and do some long over due repairs on the house and then look for a job. He's pretty confident he can find one - not a great one but one that brings in enough cash that we can survive on and will get him unempoyment insurance when he has to go off work for his knee surgery.

New Years was anti-climatic. I was so freakin' excited - I mean off the charts excited to be getting dressed up and go out and dance the night away. It all started to go down hill the night before as I began to put my outfit together. I took one look in the mirror and wanted to weep. It was not a good moment. I abandoned the shirt I had been excited to wear for weeks now and threw it to the back of the closet and chose a shirt I had decided not to wear cause I didn't feel pretty enough in it. Yah it didn't matter at that moment cause I was not wearing a shirt that show cased my stomach and it's expanding girth! So I was pretty bummed over that. The hotel room was nice - no balcony but I didn't request one. T and her guy arrived and the 4 of us hung out and had a few drinks while getting ready. C arrived and went straight to the dance and found out all the tables were taken. The 4 of us headed down a while later (yah we didn't move too fast) and C had procurred a table. It was okay but we were smooshed around a table with some other folks and even when tables were added nobody wanted to move (except Keith and I) so we didn't. The drinks were SO expensive that I couldn't justify buying them so I only bought one! I have a wee problem buying alcohol when I know how much it costs to make the drinks I like. Which is my other problem - the drinks I like aren't normally available at bars. So yah we were a tad unhappy with the party overall. It was supposed to be an 80's revival of this disco from 20 years ago except that the band they had hired played Blues! It was just bad - we danced to maybe 2 songs and those were from the dj when the band went on break. The buffet they had mainly consisted of fancy fried food. Mkay. Long story short we won't be going back there again! The best part of the night was after toasting in the new year heading back to the hotel room and changing into our pj's and lounging in bed chatting and eating junk food!

Yesterday after checking out of the hotel we had lunch with T and her guy and then went our seperate ways. We didn't leave the house until much later that night when we drove to pick up a pizza for dinner - I drove in my pj's cause we're too cheap to pay for delivery and we wanted to get the walk in specials.

Today I woke up after an awful night's sleep at 8am and finished my book. By the time Keith got up a couple hours later I was ready to go back to bed which I did for a few hours and felt much better when I woke up.

We were invited to dinner by one of K's sister and her husband. It was a fun night although the 45 minute drive there wasn't all that fun. They should live closer.

I have been very unproductive and hope to change this tomorrow. We plan on taking down the tree and that's my job since I am particular about putting the ornaments away.

But right now I am getting the evil eye and being told it's 'bed time'. I am far from tired but I best wrap up this post and head on up to bed. Good thing I have plenty of books to chose from!

11:22 p.m. - 2011-01-02


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