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Work schmirk

Well this entry won't be about me bitching about being back to work after all this holiday business - that's cause I haven't gone back yet!

That's right I'm on day number two of calling in sick! Yesterday I woke up groggy and semi-nauseous. The grogginess was due to taking a sleeping pill that totally knocks me on my ass (I normally take the herbal one that does nothing for me but I wanted some serious sleep so thus the serious sleeping pill). I woke up to find no Keith in bed so I stumbled to the the stairs and called down to him. He was answering in mumbles. I went down to find him shivering in a huddle of blankets. He told me he had been up since 4am and had been sick and was probably going to be sick again. I ran upstairs to grab a bucket and a towel and as I did so I heard him cough and begin to....yah you know. I retched upstairs for a while (I'm NOT good with this type of thing). I finally came back down, gave him the bucket he no longer needed and grabbed his blankets and threw them directly into the washing machine - all the while managing not to retch! He looked bad. He couldn't stop shivering and he was dizzy and weak. There was no way in hell I was going to leave him like that. So I called in sick. I said I didn't know if we had food poisoning or a 'bug' but I wouldn't be in. All day I felt achy and had a wicked headache. I went to my chiro appointment without Keith and then stopped and bought us soup and him jello and gatorade. By last night my chest felt heavy and my throat was sore. Ironically Keith was beginning to feel much better.

This morning I was all phlemy (no idea how to spell that) and gross. I made the call in to work - it's not food poisoning but I am sick - and then went back to bed for another 3 hours. I woke up with a headache but once I took a few pills and had a decent breakfast made by the at-home-hubby now I am feeling tip top. It's kind of like a benadryl day but without the benadryl!

I'm even considering showering and changing out of my pj's. If that doesn't say feeling better I don't know what does. I may even tackle putting away some of the x-mas stuff today - after I eat the lunch Keith is making me that is. Sure the money issue due to his lack of job may rear it's ugly head in the next month or so but right now I might as well ride the gravy train while I have a live at home chef!

I have a feeling I'll be well enough to go to work tomorrow. Ah well a two day work week - I really can't complain about that!

Lunch is ready - homemade mini pizzas made on pitas - yum!

1:03 p.m. - 2011-01-05


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