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Ohhh not those kind of greens

Thursday's Words:

You can always tell it’s been one of those days for me when I am constantly covered in post-it note lint. I pulverize the small pads. First I start by flipping the pad of paper over and over with my finger and then I start to run my fingernail down the edge of the paper so it eventually starts to lint apart. So there you have it my dirty little secret...well one of them anyway.

I’m having a hard time concentrating on my work today plus my work is managing to stump me and thus I’m doing a lot of staring at the computer screen and supposedly ‘thinking’ how to unstump myself but instead all I seem to end up doing is covering myself in yellow paper lint.

I have the joy of packing up my desk today/tomorrow. I’m not ‘moving’ but I am being ‘turned’. Sigh gotta love cubicle land. They are reshuffling in the office to make more room – always more room – and adding a couple cubes near me which apparently means I have to be turned inside my cube. Yah I have no idea either. It should be interesting when I come in on Monday to see what they’ve done. Of course they told me to pack up all my stuff BUT they have no boxes for me to put my stuff in. Lovely. I’m making do.

Today's Words:

So I woke up today feeling kind of crappy only to find out that the hubby was up early also feeling crappy. Just as I left for work he was sick. It was deja vu from the last time we were sick. I wracked my brain to figure out why were sick again. We used the humidifier again (just like last time and it was the last time we used it). Then I remembered the mold on our windowsill. Keith was supposed to clean it but apparently hadn't. So I googled it and yup mold plus a humidifier is a very bad thing. We both woke up with breathing problems and flu like symptoms except Keith was 10x worse than me. So yah after work I donned a pair of rubber gloves filled a bowl with bleach and scrubbed the mold away. The mold came about because we used to have a towel tacked to the window frame so Keith could sleep when he worked odd hours. The towel only came down recently and that's when we saw the mold. We should have scrubbed it the moment we saw it I know.

I did no work the last hour and a half at work. Instead I cleaned out my cube area and tried to find out what the heck they were doing to my cube. At one point I thought I was actually moving to a non-window cube and let me tell you that is just not cool. I'm apparently staying in the same spot but I won't be happy until Monday morning when I see for myself that they didn't screw me over. Ah yes the trials and tribulations of cubicle world.

So our little getaway to visit Mr D and his parents last weekend was a complete success. We had an awesome time. It was great hanging out with the bro and sil as usual. Mr D is growing by leaps and bounds and is saying his first word 'hi' and 'hiya'. He drags the 'hi' out just like little old women do when they see him and talk to him - it is so friggin' cute I could just die. He especially loves saying it when he wakes up from a nap and is just so happy that he says hi to everyone and everything. He pulls himself up and stands there playing with a toy in one hand and then forgets he's holding on and lets go and plop back. His behind is padded but apparently not enough as he'll start to get ready to cry unless you distract him. My sil and I went out the first night shopping and the boys were left with D and we came home to find out he hit his head not only once but twice - ah men great babysitters!

We also got into a series that my bro and sil introduced us to - Dexter. I heard good things about it but never thought I'd root for a serial killer. K and I just finished the first season and it is awesome!

I also had my doctor's appointment before we left town. My doctor didn't yell at me! It may have helped that my voice was hoarse so I sounded nice and pathetic. He just quizzed me on my diet and exercise and I....lied to him. Yah yah I WILL start exercising I swear! The eating part is actually more truth than lie lately. K's been making us awesome meals and we rarely eat out now plus my lunches and snacks are super healthy! So glad that's overwith - till next month when I have to go back for the stupid woman exam.

Alright I guess I rambled enough. This weekend we're supposed to go to my nephew's b-day party (my older brother's son) on Sunday. Weather and health permitting! That's about all. Oh wait we did buy paint last night for our bathroom. Keith got it in his head to re-do our bathroom which we've talked about for a while. We're going to paint it a nice sparkling 'white' and get a new medicine cabinet from Ike@. We priced it out and measured everything. I'm a little leery spending the money with only one income but if we wait till he has a job then we're back to not having time to re-do the bathroom - vicious circle. Luckily the money situation is okay right now as long we're careful and watch the spending.

Is it wrong I'm ready for bed now? Yah I didn't think so - woo bed time in a mold free room! (Yah I realize how sad that is!)

9:09 p.m. - 2011-01-21


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