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My feet hurt. My shoes are pinching my feet. Iím trying this thing where I stop wearing the same clothes over and over (the go-to outfits if you will) and start wearing more than just 10% of my closet. Yes, itís seriously that bad. My clothing choices are all over the map. Sometimes I swear I dress like my mom (I mean that nicely but I really shouldnít be wearing 2-in-1 sweater combos at my age.) Of course when I step out of my comfort zone and try on other clothes I immediately discard them for one reason or another Ė donít like the way they look, not work appropriate, donít get the idea.

Iím not in the greatest of spirits today. I hurt my hubbyís feeling last night. I admit I was cranky and took out said crankiness with a few snarky comments. I tried to apologize but the damage was done. We both went to bed out of sorts and had a less than restful night. Sometimes my concerns for our future manifests into crankiness and snarkiness. Rather than talk about the future I bitch about having no toast for breakfast (for reals). We are doing okay financially since Keith didnít get paid for most of December and the cheques all came in at once in the new year. But the money will eventually run out and that makes my heart begin to speed up. I know Keith is using home improvements as a way to avoid the job search but at the same time we do need the home improvements that heís doing. Heís painting the bathroom today and installing a huge ass cabinet that weíve wanted for about 4 years now but never had the time to do. I know a few more weeks wonít kill us and once he finds a job these odd ball jobs around the house will cease once again. I guess all I can do is continue to lay low with the spending and support him and maybe not bitch him out for eating the last few slices of bread.

Speaking of not spending money. Itís not that hard...right now. Weíre still spending but weíre doing it carefully. I do miss my impulse shopping buys and I will admit that once or twice Iíve fallen off the wagon but not to the extent of before. Wow, Iím making myself sound like a big spender but itís the small purchases that added up over time. A top for $15 one week, a pair of pants for $18 another not to mention socks, slippers, and odd ball items that I may not entirely need. Although I have to add that my hubby did force me to buy new underwear on the weekend. I may have had some Ďholeyí undergarments that I had neglected to throw out (what? They are still comfortable!). But I guess Iím proud to say Iím now wearing a cute lacy pair (sans holes) bought from Wally world at a decent price.

This will be the third weekend in a row we are going away. Although last weekend was just a day trip. We visited the Ďshwa for my nephewís birthday. First we stopped at Ike@ for said bathroom cabinet (trust me we have looked everywhere and this was in our price range and the closest to what we want). This weekend we are heading to my parents to celebrate little Dís first birthday! His actual b-day is on Feb 2. Which is coincidentally his momís first day back at work. Poor woman sheís gonna be sad enough leaving him to go to work but to do it on his b-day will be extra emotional.

So I came in to work yesterday to find my desk moved around as promised. Itís actually better than I had hoped. They removed a wall so that itís not covering the window, I can put my feet up on the ledge and look out. Except...well the of a big round orb. Not exactly a thrilling view but Iím just happy to be able to look out the window and catch a glimpse of the sky. I unpacked yesterday and am happy with the new digs.

This past weekend T and J sold their house. They have a moving out date of March 16. C is freaking out because they havenít even put an offer in on the house they want and they have so little time. I told her that Iím not freaking out cause itís not my life. If T wants to stress herself out like this then let her. We donít have to involve ourselves. It wouldnít be how we do things but sheís choosing this path so letís just sit back and watch! She doesnít worry about it so why should we? And oddly enough Ė things have a way of working out for T Ė all the time.

Well just scarfed my carrots down (the hubs hates when I bring home my veggies). Peace out!

10:07 p.m. - 2011-01-25


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