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Hibernation is so wrong it just may be right

I may have to give up the girls. The Golden Girls that is. Iíve gotten into this very bad habit of coming home after work, stripping down, jumping into my super cute and comfy flannel pjís (I have too many pairs to count now) and vegging out on the bed with just me and the Girls from 5 Ė 6. Then itís dinner and then we usually find something to watch on the tube that we pvríd or we pick up where we left off with Dexter and then bed!

So I just had a weird text/call from T. She asked me to co-sign on her house for one year. A $250,000 mortgage. Awkward! I called Keith and talked to him about it. We are obviously in no position to co-sign for anyone let alone a mortgage. I called her back and gave her the news. She was okay with it. Iím not sure whatís going on with them. They were pre-approved (last year) but C said mortgage rules have changed and thatís probably why they were denied this time around. She asked her mom to co-sign but her momís in worse shape then all of us. C couldnít cause she already co-signed for a niece. They will probably have to go to Jís side of the family to find someone. Iím sure they will find someone.

I dug through the closet again this morning and came out with a non Ďgo-toí outfit. Beige pants, brown sleeveless top and my long brown sweater. Oh and I paired it with a pair of brown boots I bought many months ago but have yet to wear. Iím pretty darn proud of myself. Tomorrow may be a basic black day though. Iíve got lunch plans and hate eating out and having to be so damn careful while eating Ė black is very forgiving.

Iím supposed to be going swimming with T tonight which will make it 2 weeks in a row! Itís the only exercise Iím getting these days so yah. As I was saying before I need to stop getting into the comfy clothes after work and get into work out ones instead. Even if I just did an easy yoga dvd I would feel 100 times better. I say Ďeasy yogaí but yah thereís no such thing. Some poses I just have to Ďmodifyí and do my own thing. But I think it would behove me to start with yoga to get the body prepared for more intense stuff like cardio. I cannot wait for nicer weather so I can get out and walk. And trust me I know Iím all talk but now that my doctor is quizzing me on my exercising I canít be so blasť about it. Oh and not to mention that little fact about fitting into a dress for Tís wedding!

Wow - 2 entries in a row! I'm on a roll!

9:54 p.m. - 2011-01-26


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