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Party like a Rock Staaaah! Or not.

If this entry cuts out in the middle of a sentence or paragraph it's that I fell alseep and Keith has strict instructions just to hit the 'done' button at the bottom of this page. Yah you could say I'm tired.

We did have our company this weekend. S and her boy came and so did our other friend A. Keith and I cleaned ALL day Saturday. I ain't gonna lie it was pretty brutal and yes there were times I was swearing at my wonderful husband under my breath cause he hadn't touched the house all day Friday and was under the impression we had tons of time to get everything done. We didn't. We were both stressed by the end of it and I made him admit quite a few times that he was wrong to slack on Friday. Ahem.

It turned out that our company was a few hours late anyway since we had a lovely snowstorm Saturday afternoon/evening. Once they arrived we had an awesome feast of food - homemade Mexican and then the drinking began.

I really didn't think we'd drink all that much after a big meal but...we did. We drank and played some wii. I thought by 2am the sledding we had planned was long gone. I was wrong. Although we did get back into wii karoake for a while longer but by 4am we were trudging through the snow with our toboggans none to sober. Keith stayed home cause of his leg. The 4 of us made our way through the deep snow and then tried to make our way up the steep hill - I myself made it just over half way up the hill before I said screw it and threw down my tube and went down the hill. Once at the bottom there was no moving me. I loaned S and her guy my tube and as predicted they flew down the hill super fast and wiped out. Being in their cups they didn't really feel a thing. It was only the next day when S had a few cuts and scratches that we realized she hurt herself.

Although on our walk back to the house, S stopped suddenly and suddenly sunk to her knees - one of her lenses had popped out of her glasses. Before long we were all searching the snow covered sidewalk on our hands and knees. After a while I went home and grabbed a few flashlights and headed back. We never did find the lense. We finally made it home at 7am. Needless to say we all headed straight to bed!

I haven't pulled an all nighter in a really long time and for the most part it was super fun. I say most part cause S was being a dick for some of the night. She gets this sarcastic thing going and it makes me kind of want to punch her. I don't know if she thinks she's being funny or what. She kept trying to make me and her guy sing against each other in wii karoake. Finally I just did it to shut her up but there were times I did just tell her off when she got on my nerves. She's like that when she drinks sometimes. Apparently her and her guy drink a lot according to our friend A. I guess it's something I'll have to keep my eye on.

We were all a little annoyed with T and her guy who said they would come over if her mom left early enough which she did but they still wouldn't come over. They were too tired. We were all unimpressed with that answer. It's shocking how much T has changed in the last couple years. She no longer wants to go out cause she's tired. The girl would drag me out every weekend to party (when I guess I was technically the age she is now) and yet she's too tired to go out. Not cool. I gave her hell via text and she apologized for being a party pooper.

Speaking of T I met up with her at lunch. VV had a 50% off day so we both met up on our lunch hours. I bought a pair of shorts, pants and 3 tops for $17 and that's including tax!

I was an A+ employee today - let's see I was late to work (had to stop for an xl coffee) and may have had an extended lunch hour - left early and returned late. I'm nothing if not dedicated!

Mkay this entry has taken me almost an hour to type. I HAVE to go to bed early. My body is falling apart. I am super sore from the weekend (my legs and back especially). I shovelled the driveway when I got home and my lower back completely locked. The hubby had to rub it and then I put heat on it so it's feeling much better now. I cannot have another day like today - fuzzy head and extra coffee do not a productive employee make!

7:57 p.m. - 2011-02-07


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