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You can't go wrong with chocolate!

Drinking on a worknight...well I never! Heh. Just finishing the last dregs of a ceasar that the hubby made me to go with dinner. We kept V-day on the downlow this year - not that we normally go hog wild but we've gotten more and more casual about it. As long as I get a cute or sappy card from him I'm happy. I don't even want the flowers cause 1) they cost a butt load of money riiiight about now and 2) they die. I'm not one to um throw them out that quickly so they usually sit on our table dead for way too long.

I came home tonight after work and my dental appointment (nice clean teeth!) to find the hubs slaving away over the stove which is normal these days but then he banished me to the basement where I found a sweet card and an elephant (don't worry it was stuffed - not real). Oh and chocolate heart covered pretzels - yum!! I gave him a card - mushy of course - and a small box I re-covered with paper hearts and inside were chocolates and a deck of cards that I thought he'd like. He did. Before long I was seated at our bar eating a sumptuous meal of surf & turf - steak, scallops with bacon, Huge shrimp, baked potato and a HUGE lobster tail. Man was it GOOD. We have dessert but we're both too full. We bought these small apple pie crumble things on the weekend (they come in 4). We had 2 but this time Keith bought ice cream to go with them which was the exact thing that was missing!

And in case you thought I brought nuthin' to this shindig I stopped at our liquor barn and bought us a couple cider drinks that go great with our dessert (and I swear I didn't even know we were having them tonight). Although I did buy a bottle of my fave fake wine that goes with chocolate - just in case - wink wink.

So my weekend. It went fast - and it was 3 days! Friday I woke up late with the hubby and we seemed to do a whole lot of nuthin' that day - oh but I did start reading a book - The Time Traveller's Wife. I know I'm a few years behind on this but I bought it for $2 a few months ago. The book is huge! That evening I went out with C and T to celebrate C's birthday.

We had dinner and then shopped at our fave shoe place. C was a bit of a drag near the end which was too bad. She just wasn't having fun which sucks since we were together for her b-day. T and I found 3 pairs of shoes each - I should mention our main objective is to shoe shop at this particular store that has a huge clearance section. I did buy a pair of boots that I'm having a bit of buyers remorse. I was in the moment but now that I look at them I have no idea what to wear with them. They are a bit longer than ankle length and are black suede. They seem too short to wear with a skirt but if I wear them with pants it will hide the pretty buckles on the side. I know it's hard being me.

After that T dropped me off and I spent the rest of the night with the hubs canoodling or something like that I'm sure.

Saturday I was even more lazy if you can believe it. I spent the majority of the day curled up with my book in various rooms of the house. After the first few shaky chapters it finally managed to catch my attention. By 4 I was being forced to shower and dress so we could leave the house. We had thought about seeing a movie but knew it would be crazy nuts on a Saturday night so instead we went to dinner and then afterwards procurred the said apple dessert and cider (Diet what diet?).

Sunday we slept in waaay later than we should have and again I snuggled up with my book while the hubby cleaned and then surprisingly brought me breakfast in bed (I lurve that man). By 2 though we began to clean ourselves up intent on seeing our movie (we had a coupon from x-mas so it was free). We saw Just Go With It with Sandler and Aniston. Funny and cute but not earth shattering. Whenever I watch a Sandler movie I always feel like they are doing improv for the whole movie. Not a bad thing but not necessarily a good thing either.

Once back home we made some din and then watched way too many episodes of Dexter. We have one more to go for the 3rd season. So damn addictive!

Mkay I should probably go and spend some time with the man who made me the awesome meal. I think room is finally being made for dessert. Mmm yummy yummy dessert.

I'm also hoping that I'll get a good half hour before bedtime to read my book - I've got about a quarter to go! I plan on watching the movie after I'm done the book.

This weekend is a 3 day weekend (again!) and then I have a 3 day work week (2 of which are spent in training!) and then head into another 3 day weekend. If that ain't sweet than I don't know what is!!!

Happy Love Day.

6:58 p.m. - 2011-02-14


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