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Apparently I was feeling quite chatty today at work - chatty in a writing kind of way - lucky you!

Note to self: Do NOT bring the book you are currently reading to work to read on your lunch hour. You will NOT want to put it down. Lesson learned.

Did I mention what I wore yesterday on the Day of Love? Iím a goofball and as much as I sometimes turn a million shades of red being in the spotlight I just cannot help myself. I found a HUGE tie in the dollar store that said happy valentineís day and of course I bought it for a buck. So I wore a white blouse that buttoned up all the way, black dress pants, a red sweater and my huge red tie. People think Iím a nut but whatev Ė itís fun.

Today Iím more sedate. Iím all in brown...and beige. Oh and a colourful scarf wrapped around the olí neck. I desperately want to wear scarves but always feel like I canít pull it off. Iím just not used to seeing them on me I guess. Iíve been told I look snazzy today so I guess thatís a good thing.

Itís frickiní cold out there again today Ė actually we had a cold snap over night and it is supposed to go up to plus temperatures by Thursday. I cannot wait til I can get out and walk again on my lunch hours. Yes Iím a puss who doesnít enjoy tromping around in minus digits. Soon.

Speaking of which I keep compiling a list of music I want to put on my ipod for said walking. I want some kick ass walking music Ė even if itís gay and nobody elseís cup of tea, I need music that I can jive too and just kick it up a notch ya know?

I have this note pad on my desk that I use to scribble notes and dates etc when Iím trying to figure out a work problem Ė I use this pad every day. I am methodical at using almost every scrap of space on a page. I started using this pad when I started my job in October. I am a few pages shy of being done with it. I must admit that the pad was half used when I acquired it. I have several pads on my shelf Ė half used Ė waiting for there turn. There time will come. And yes I realize this tidbit was pointless.

Iíve been wearing my engagement ring a lot lately. I wear it on my right hand on the ring finger. Itís shiny and sparkly and makes me happy when I look at it. Iíve tried wearing it with my wedding ban but it just looks silly Ė so I donít.

I am SO sick of getting emails from co-workers about God. If I donít send this email right now to five billion friends then I HATE God and God hates me. Yah okay. These are the same people that I get emails that tell me if I donít forward them to 18 zillion people bad luck will befall me RIGHT NOW or if not now then LATER...but it will befall me! Once in a while I get a funny joke that makes me laugh out loud (lol) so I donít tell them not to send me emails Ė I just delete wisely.

Have you ever caught a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and suddenly see your parents in yourself? A look? A pose? Lately I see my mom in a few of my poses. Iím not complaining, my mom is beautiful. Her beauty is all encompassing. She has one of the most beautiful spirits. It is very hard to get her to say a mean word about anyone so when she does Ė itís usually warranted. She also has the smoothest skin and from what I know she doesnít use anything special Ė no exotic or expensive creams. So when I tell you I see my mom in myself at different moments itís a good thing.

9:48 p.m. - 2011-02-15


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