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My cheeks are warm....and so are my ears!

Oh yah - Friday - of a long weekend (you kind of have to say that sentence in a Hulk Hogan kind of voice to get the feel of it).

So what am I doing on the cusp of a super duper long weekend? Well first off thanks for asking, it's good to know you care. I bet you're thinking I'm having a crazy ass time partying up, well my would be wrong! I am sitting in my bathrobe with fuzzy pj's on underneath and with a blanket covering me sipping my strawberry wine and making the hubby take away the chocolate covered pretzels that we bought more of the other night. That is what I am doing right now! Don't be jealous.

I am also listening to the wind howl. I cannot believe how freakin' windy it is. It was a beautiful today and yesterday for that matter and then this afternoon the wind whipped up and the temp began to drop fast - just in time for the long weekend - yippee.

I had a very off day at work today - and let me tell you why. Yesterday after work the hubby and I got cracked (by our chiropractor that is). Afterwards we did our traditional dinner out at Swiss and then wandered to the party store right beside it to find out that the store is closing in a week. Everything was 50% off. I spent $60 and yah that was after taking 50% off. I bought the stuff I was coveting for the last few years we went and then a whole bunch of fun stuff that was always too pricy. But to be honest that has nothing to do with my off day at work. I went to bed around 11-ish and the hubs and I tossed and turned until finally he left the bed cause he couldn't sleep and was too sore. After he left I thought 'aaaaah alone at last' and jumped to the middle of the bed only to figure out that I was super sore too. I then proceeded to toss and turn till 1:15 and then finally rolled over and clicked on the light and began to read my book. It wasn't unitl 2:05 that the hubby opened the door to find me sniffling in bed still awake...what? Yah I was crying at the book, stupid sappy book. He made me put the book away which wasn't too hard since my eyes were burning and I then proceeded to go to sleep.

Waking up this morning I thought someone had taken a hammer to my head. I thought about calling in sick but how douche would that be calling in sick on a Friday of a long weekend. Everyone would figure I was faking and it doesn't look good on the ol' flex plan with the upper management. So I called in and said I would be in an hour late and then proceeded to sleep in. The extra hour and a bit did me a world of good. I made it to work an hour late and look like the hero for not being that person who calls in sick on a long weekend. Of course I was then instantly penalized by having one of the hardest work days I've ever had since being in the new job. Every piece of paper I touched had me puzzled and wanting to bang my head on my desk repeatedly. I was still working up til the last minute of the day which is NOT like me at all. I even left my desk with unfinished work and only as I shut down my computer did I remember that I am in meetings 2 days next week and won't get to said left over work til Thursday. Ah well I'll just transfer the work over to my colleagues on Tuesday.

So yah, somehow coming in an hour late totally threw me off my game and I felt like I was playing catch up all day and even at 4:30 I still hadn't got to the finish line.

BUT it's Friday night. I'm with my boy. We're in our secure house - no wind ain't gonna blow our house down no matter how much it huffs & puffs! Not sure what we got planned for the weekend. I think bra shopping is high on my priority list. Ima need a new bra BAD.

Also T text me about going to a country bar tomorrow night. As much as I'm tempted I will probably pass. She's going with a good friend of her's that LOVES to drink to EXCESS and those girls will have their drink and sex-ay on and I'll just feel all bloated and sober in comparison. I don't drink beer at bars and paying for $8 drinks all night ain't gonna happen. Plus I know I would end up somewhere other than my home (or theirs) at the end of the night and that ain't cool. Although if T's guy goes he will NOT be happy with the shenanigans. Yah so basically I ain't going but I did give T a maybe. I'm sort of hoping she'll want me to go so I can tell her maybe all night and then when push comes to shove I'll tell her I drank too much wine and have to go to bed now.....just like she did with me 2 weekends ago. God I'm vindictive aren't I? Sometimes. Sometimes.

Must go, cause the lap top is counting down like a bomb is going to go off - T minus 7 minutes. The laptop is on the fritz and Keith is 'fixing' it which means in less than 7 minutes it will probably want to restart and I will lose this awesome (not really) post.

Happy long weekend interweb peeps!

8:42 p.m. - 2011-02-18


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