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*Poof* just like that the long weekend is ovah

Yaaaah so my evil plans were thwarted (see last entry). T didn't even send me a reminder text asking if I was going. Um apparently I wasn't too important to their plans (pity party for one). Not really but I did see the pics on fb (ah good ol' fb) and saw that it was a bunch of gals I didn't know so I'm not too bummed I missed it. Who am I kidding, I'm not bummed at all! A social butterfly I am not.

So what DID I do all weekend you ask? Well let's see. On Saturday I went to the mall all by myself. The hubby decided to stay home which I ain't gonna lie I was happy about - I got to shop in peace. I went to my very expensive 'big girl' store where I pay way too much for bras even with their 'discount' and my coupon. Why am I being penalized for having big boobs? I mean they don't even use that much more fabric but they charge double, hell triple then the B & C cups of the world! *Ahem*

Anyway after the bra shopping in which I also bought a pair of pants for $15 (my God these pants are sweet - they feel SO good and dare I say they make me look good as well?). I also bought a $7 top that I think is a pajama top -something about dreams on it. Since I was riding solo I also stopped at my fave used clothing store and found a really nice top for $5 that will look good with my new pants. Oh how I miss shopping for frivelous stuff.

Saturday eve the hubs and I just chillaxed with Dexter and somehow rolled into bed a little around 2am.

Sunday we went out and did a little grocery shopping and somehow managed to waste away the day. Oh I did watch a REALLY bad movie a co-worker loaned me about 3 months ago. I swear I tried to watch it but it was just horrible so I ended up reading 2 magazines and doing a crossword puzzle at the same time. I can finally give her the movie back though. I'll just keep my opinion to myself.

Last night we finished off season 4 of Dexter and oh my Lord I think I need a support group after watching it. So sad.

Today we did...nothing. Well I did 4 loads of laundry and have one more to go if I feel so inclined. Yah that laundry really adds up. We also watched a Mash marathon. Seriously for the last few hours we have watched nothing but. We would pause it when we caught up to it and do other things like get food or do laundry and then start it back up so we could skip all commercials. The last episode which is a movie is on now but I think we may skip it.

Back to work tomorrow - boo. Although I am in training for the next 2 days so that's good. I'm probably the only person who likes training. Anything to be away from the desk for a few days! It's also a 3 day work week which is sweet as Friday is my flex day. Awesome!

My sil posted a video of my nephew on fb - it's called the "Hi Video". It's his only word right now and oh my Lord it is the cutest thing ever. I've figured out that he copies her (his mom) and how she says hi, so when she drags it out so does he and then when she says it in a high pitch he does too. God that kid's adorable!

Mkay I'm gonna post and figure out if we're going to be eating tonight or not. Even though we went shopping yesterday we somehow forgot to actually buy food for dinner!

6:06 p.m. - 2011-02-21


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