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Killing the bride would be wrong wouldn't it?

Is there an award for maid of honour? Cause seriously I should definitely get it for T's wedding. We (meaning she) thinks we found a dress for me to wear at her wedding. We've both been looking on ki-ji-ji but she found one 2 days ago. The catch? It's over an hours drive away. Oh but that was no problem see cause she was going that direction this weekend anyway. BUT of course I got an email this morning asking if I could get it instead since her mom's bf won't stop to let her pick up the dress. Wow that sounds just as stupid writing it as it does saying it. For one I am 100% positive she never asked him. But....deep breath....I have decided not to fight this one and just go with it. I'm heading to my parents this weekend anyway and even though we avoid going through T dot on the weekends cause of the insane traffic we will just have to suck it up. Man, this dress better fit and look good on me! Our back up plan is just to resell if it doesn't work for us. The woman said she bought it for $145 and we're paying her $60. Oops I mean I'm paying her $60. Gotta remember the dress is for me.

So yah she definitely owes me one cause that was a shitty thing to do. I've only been looking locally - cause hello I didn't want to travel almost 2 hours to find a 'maybe' dress. It's shit like this that makes me really pissy with her and she doesn't even know it. Oh she knows I'm not impressed but I doubt she knows just how much she pisses me off with this kind of stuff. Deeeeep breath.

Did I mention last weekend she asked me to babysit? Yah I think I did. I didn't btw.

But to be honest I *really* hope this dress is 'the one' cause then I will be checked off her list and she can obsess over the other 101 details! She wants me to help her make her invitations next. I told Keith that this is the LAST time I am a MOH the next friend who asks me I will bow out graciously!

Hm - I really didn't think I was that cranky - guess I was wrong! Work has been crazy this week. We've had people off sick and our work has been backing up big time since the powers that be thinks we should be on phones all day. Today our boss pulled us off the phones and told us just to wade through the backlog. Which I did. Wow boy did I ever. I was pretty much cross eyed by the time I left work.

Although I must say my walk at lunch helped big time. I went to the nearby park and walked through the field for almost half an hour. I was breaking ice. You read that right. I was having a ball breaking up the ice and I'm sure people thought I was a little crazy cause I just kept following the patterns breaking ice where I could. Plus since the weather isn't melty yet I was breaking through ice onto dry frozen ground and not wet mushy stuff. Fun times indeed.

I had a lot I wanted to get done tonight but sort of lost the ambition as soon as I walked through the door. With our new revised schedule for Saturday (now leaving super early to pick up the dress) I will have to be nice and efficient tomorrow when I get home.

My elbow hurts when I type - that can't be good huh?

Maid of Honour Out.

10:08 p.m. - 2011-03-03


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