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Will I be able to get out of bed tomorro morning? I am beginning to have my doubts!

It's probably hypocritical of me to be upset that other people haven't posted when I haven't posted in a few days myself huh?

Well I picked up the $60 dress with minimal trouble on Saturday. We took a wrong turn but my husband who is a human gps got us on the right track and we found the house with no problem. The dress fits and looks good but I'm not too excited yet cause we need to see if it looks okay with the bridesmaid dresses (doesn't clash). T is bringing the dresses over tomorrow and we'll find out. Oh the antici............pation!

The rest of the weekend was good. I spent a ton of time with Mr D who is so damn cute I could cry. He still sticks to his 'hi' schtick that surprisingly doesn't grow old! He's not walking yet but I think he's close.

My mom was surprised that we all came down for her b-day (we do every year so obviously she's very easy to fool). I did feel bad for my SIL though cause it's her b-day this week and my dad totally forgot and just concentrated on my mom. I managed to throw some of the b-day wishes her way but I still wish I could have done more to make her feel special. I sent a b-day card home with my brother - hopefully he'll remember to give it to her on her birthday.

I was very unproductive last night so I swore I would be more productive tonight. So far I have succeeded! I worked out when I got home (I had some frustration from work that I needed to get rid of so that helped). I started with the yoga dvd that I bought and wow I think.....I don't like it. I think it's too far advanced for me cause half of the poses I just can't do. I think I better stick to the dvd's that actually say 'for beginners'. So then I threw in the other dvd I had bought - it's a Jackie W@rner one. It's a 30 minute workout but oh my lawd is it HARD! I was breathing hard and sweating up a storm and I wasn't even doing all of the exercises! I think this dvd is a keeper. Even though I had a hard time keeping up (or you know...not at all) I think I will see results with it and be able to see my accomplishments if I stick to it. The exercises aren't too far out there and she is very systematic - although she totally doesn't do half the exercises as she is correcting the other girls' form - nice - although really she already looks amazing so I can't say I blame her.

After exercising and having an amazing dinner (the hubby is experimenting with making different salads and tonight's was a combo spinach/cucumber with homemade dressing that was de-lish) I hopped on the internet and instead of farting around actually got to work and started planning T's bridal shower. Go me! She sent me a list of names (first names mostly) with odd assortments of phone numbers and email addresses. So I emailed her back the list and asked for full names and addresses. Was that wrong of me? Too bad if it was. I have no idea who these people are so if she wants them at her party I need their details! I also told her that I read on some sites it was suggested you only invite people you're inviting to your wedding - I don't care if she does or not really but I thought she should know.

I mentioned earlier about work being frustrating. We basically got pulled into a meeting and told we're not working hard enough on the 'right' stuff. You can work your ass off all day but if it's not how they prioritize it then you don't get credit for it. It's long and boring but basically it's a bunch of BS that we will now have to begin to work around and play by their rules. I really hope some of our work suffers by doing it their way. OH that would be so sweet to throw it in their faces like that. Oh to dream.

Well it's just about bedtime - a little more surfing then off to bed!

MOH out!

9:37 p.m. - 2011-03-08


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