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Hump Day - Totally

Ok so it snowed - a lot. I made it to and from work no problem but still the roads were bad. I guess all the snow plows have went to sleep now that it's Spring.

So the hubby text me this morning at work and told me not to cancel my massage (I had already decided I wasn't) because he had to work. Now I assumed he meant work for the same guy as he did last week (his old job) so I text him back to ask. No answer. I called him at home - no answer. I called him several more times - no answer. I get home from work to find him shovelling the driveway so then I was a little pissed that he ignored my calls all day. Turns out no he wasn't ignoring me he had been at work all day. The temp agency called him this morning and he went in to work. It's for an automobile parts place. Apparently the pay isn't that great and the job is boring as sin BUT it's money and it's a day job so he's not saying no. He goes back tomorrow but this time at 6am.

After work we went and got some keys copied since I um lost the keys to the front door (and the key to my parents). I thought I would have found them by now! So we got me a key to the door and also more keys for our cars. Apparently our newest car had 3 keys and I lost 2 of them. I don't recall this but yah it sounds like something I'd do.

After that we grabbed a late dinner. We went to a nearby place that has gggreat food! We both had a burger and for some stupid reason I ordered onion rings as well - too much food. We walked out of there totally stuffed.

Thank goodness tomorrow is my Friday. I am so wearing jeans to work - I just don't care. It was a rough day today. We started the day with a teleconference in which I learned that my job has more gray areas than any other colour and I hate that kind of stuff - especially when they throw me on phones and I have no idea what the hell I'm talking about. I figure I'll fake it until I get called out. And lest you think I'm a bad employee I search a LOT for this information and ask a lot of questions but there are just too many 'gray' areas for my liking!

Well I hate to end on a work rant but I better go find the hubs before he begins to feel neglected. Nite!

9:15 p.m. - 2011-03-23


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