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Let the shenanigans begin!

It was a weird day. I can think of what I did when I concentrate but otherwise the day was a blur. Not sure why but I feel like I just blinked and it was over. I know I had less sleep than normal and I also had to fly solo this morning as Keith had left for work at 5:30am.

I was rushing like normal - ate some cereal, made my lunch, showered and ran out the door to be faced with scraping my car - ugh - winter end already!!! There was a 2 foot high snow pile at the end of the road and since I had the car that has the shitty tires there was no way I was getting thru it the normal way. So I waited til there were no cars then I gunned it out of there....slowly. I ended up turning the wrong way as that's the only way the car would go so I took the long way to work. I was already late so I stopped for my coffee - what was 4 more minutes.

Our boss pulled us into a quick meeting to tell us that her dad died and she would be off work for a week. It was hard to have a festive day after that news I'm not gonna lie.

Tomorrow I hope to get up early-ish and head to get my blood work done first thing - I can't eat until after I give so obviously it's a priority. Then I have my massage at 12:15 then I wait for the hubs to get home so we can head to the Falls! I was supposed to pack tonight...I mean I AM supposed to pack tonight. Heh.

I text T's guy all day today about her birhtday in April. I gently led him to make the decision to have a party for her the wknd before her b-day. Yah I did. This time I will get more involved if it means having more than 8 burgers for 15 people. Men. They cannot plan/execute parties. Well Keith can - in the food department. He's the guy who makes too much food!

Once my laundry is done I'm gonna head upstairs, throw a few things in the overnight bag (I call that half assed packing) then grab my book and read til I fall asleep. I let the hubs have the bed and I'm in the spare room. I"m nice like that.

I just saw the world's longest trailer for a movie - your highness - that has a ton of stars in it. Although I think I just watched the whole movie, it was THAT long.

Mkay I think the dryer is ending I'm off! I got a shopping list to make as well - tonic water, limes and muscle relaxers and that's just Keith's list!

Here's to an Awesome weekend!!

10:16 p.m. - 2011-03-24


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