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What? No heart shaped tub?!

Oh it’s hard getting back into a work week after any weekend but somehow it seems even harder, if you will, after a 3 day weekend. Trust me I’m not bragging here, if I didn’t have a 3 day weekend every other weekend I would be fearing for my sanity! Life is too short.

Before I get to the re-cap let me tell you how proud of myself I was this morning as I managed to be a few minutes ahead of time in getting myself out the door. I made my lunch, started my frost covered car and was almost out the door when I realized I hadn’t eaten breakfast nor packed any. Plus? I realized while going through the tim’s drive-thru that I hadn’t put on a lick of make-up either. So much for being ahead of the game! I say it every Sunday and sometimes even during the week – I HAVE to start going to bed earlier! Bah.

So let’s get to the meat & potatoes of my weekend eh? Friday I got up later than expected since I cannot be held accountable when left to my own devices and stay up way too late. I went for my blood work around 10am and only had to wait half an hour for a 2 second prick (heh). I then had enough time to head home, pack a little and make my lunch before heading off to my massage. I had visions of napping once I got home from my massage but instead I finished getting us ready for our NF mini-vacay and putted around. Keith got home and we left shortly after with minor grumbling (I guess getting up at 5am is just no fun).

We made it to the Falls in good time. Keith slept part way which was a good thing. We checked into our hotel and I guess the saying ‘you get what you pay for’ would be apt in this situation. It was a very nice hotel room – newly renovated but the pool was missing some tlc. It seems that the hotel is made up of 2 seperate buildings and the other building is currently under renovations and I am led to believe will be occupying a pool and a Jacuzzi tub which this building did not have. So it seems they weren’t too concerned with keeping up appearances for this pool. The room where the pool was located was super steamy cause the door to the outside had this huge gap that let the cold air in. At least the pool was warm. I hate to see their heating bill for that room!

Friday evening we drove around – did a little shopping at the local VV – this place has the BEST clothes for girls my size. Seriously the women in the Falls must love to shop, wear their clothes once or twice and then donate them. I ain’t complaining! We then decided to eat but I wanted somewhere local and not a chain type place. We saw this cute little place and went in only to realize they were closing in 5 minutes (no hours were posted anywhere). It was 7:55. We tried to back out and leave but the owner who was Greek insisted we sit down and order. Awkward! We ordered the special fish and chips since he suggested it – I figure he suggested it as it would be the least trouble to make. The fish was actually some of the best I’ve ever had. Of course I barely tasted it cause I wanted to get out of there quick as possible. The woman (his wife) had her coat and purse on a table facing us and sat down at it half way through our meal. I’m sure at that point I just started shovelling my food in. I would go back there – during the day so in that regard I’m glad we went but at the same time eating that fast wasn’t very pleasant.

We headed back to our room after this and had a few drinks. I convinced Keith to go down to the pool to watch me swim – I sometimes don’t mind going solo but this time I wanted company. He wasn’t too pleased as he was super tired but he agreed and off we went. I only swam for 20 minutes and then back to the room where I huddled beneath the covers trying to get warm (I didn’t think to turn up the heat till we went to bed). Sleep could have been better as I tossed and turned a LOT. The comforter was so heavy it kept falling off the bed and the sheet so tangled between us I slept most of the night with no covers. Needless to say we weren’t all that rested come morning.

After some morning shenanigans we had to decide to eat at the restaurant (that was maybe being renovated – the sign outside said yes but the hotel clerk said it was open) or go swimming. We chose to swim. It helped Keith’s back (he is having major back pain). We then packed up the room and were out of there by 10:30. We went to the Flying Saucer for bkst. Luckily there was no line up when we go there (for the whole time we were there the front entrance was packed). After stuffing ourselves silly we drove to the Falls and found free parking (hehe) only 2 blocks away. It should be free for the foreseeable future and until signs go up we will parking there from now on!

We then walked the strip and spent money we shouldn’t have and walked down to the Falls where I took MORE pictures of the water and us standing in front of it! It’s my FB profile pic btw!

We then headed back to the car and went to the Outlet centre where it was PACKED. I think the Coach place was having some kind of sale as people were lined up out the door. I bought 3 things at the Body Shop as they had an awesome deal – buy ANY 3 items and pay $30. I got my sweet body wash that is normally $20 (2 bottles) and a bottle of massage lotion (normally $18) all for $30! We also bought a few more things that were needed but I was denied of buying watches and sunglasses as I already ‘have too many’. Feh. I know that I have too many but I still waaaaaant them! We left the outlet centre and hit a few other stores that we’ve never been to and then finally around 5 we were hungry enough to eat at our fave restaurant in the Falls. By 6:30 we were back on the road heading for home this time. Mini-vacay was officially over.

Sunday was pretty much a write off as per the norm. We both did some laundry and I tried the new ‘foam’ hair dye. Interesting but I don’t think it’s worth more money but I would buy it over the liquid stuff if it’s the same price. At least my grey’s are gone! We actually left the house around 5 to do some dreaded grocery shopping – ugh I am beginning to hate grocery shopping. We had dinner, chops with this uber healthy pasta dish (meh) and super bad for you crescent rolls.

Oh I just thought of a funny anecdote from the weekend. When the hubby and I were in the Body Shop he was smelling this one perfume and really liked it – I think he wanted me to get it. We unfortunately both like different things on me. He calls my scents ‘soapy’. Anywho I decided to give this a go and was spraying the perfume tester in the air beside me so I could take a sniff and instead I managed to spray half of my face including my left eye – fun! Needless to say I didn’t buy it.

Well it's past my bedtime. Here's hoping this Family Feud I'm watching is a repeat! Earlier this evening I actually left the couch and went upstairs and cleaned the kitchen! I washed dishes and cleaned and washed out our fridge. AND then I even made my lunch for tomorrow. There's something so nice about getting that out of the way! Okay bedtime - I am totally just fast forwarding to the end!

10:32 p.m. - 2011-03-28


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