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Don't pull that football away....too late!

In the words of dear old Chuck Brown, “Arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh”. Oh wait, I guess that was only one word! I am so screwed for vacation this summer. Oh I have plenty to take - 16 days plus about 7 more by the time August rolls around BUT I have no seriority in my department of 4. I am at THE bottom. I get the scraps the days if you will that they who have a shit load more vacation days don’t take. Yah. Boohoo for me eh? I just need these biznatches to retire already and get some fresh blood in here (people under 11 years of seniority pretty please!).

Needless to say I am a tad bummed. But here’s the worst part. I had this small glimmer of hope cause one of the girls is off on medical leave for 6 weeks so I was kind of a wee bit hopeful that since she wouldn’t be here to submit them by the end of this week (when they are due) I just might get a couple days of vacay. Yah no such luck. My "nice" co-worker called her and told her to submit her vacation requests by the end of this week. Gah! Yah I guess I’m not quite the nice person I thought I was! Or maybe it’s karma! See, a few minutes before this happened I was being kind of catty myself. Another of my co-worker’s had sent me an email asking me for my Avon money. You see....she gave it to me on Monday. Today is Wednesday. Know how long I waited for said Avon? Over ONE Month! She gets it from her SIL and I guess they just couldn’t co-ordinate the handing over of said Avon – they live minutes away from each other so I don’t feel bad here saying this. But seriously TWO DAYS later and she’s harassing me for my $30. I told her I would bring a cheque in tomorrow. Karma eh?

I’m still going to submit for my vacation – all I can do is try.

I exceeded my coffee quota yesterday. Granted I was tired but 3 coffees is a lot for me! I’m not sure how I did it but I did manage to sleep last night! Of course my body is craving an afternoon coffee now but I have to be strong and not give in. I’ve been getting too loose with the afternoon coffees. Must drink more water. Hey it’s plus 3 out! Of course that probably means the swimming pool will be packed tonight (the pool gets busy when it's nice out). T is coming over to our place after work. We will feed her dinner and then the 2 of us will head off for swimming. It’s been a while.

My co-worker on the ‘other side’ of my wall is talking to her husband about booking her French. Ah yes I may not get the gist of most of it but I know certain words. Tricky. The other day my co-worker and I went into a fit of giggles as our bilingual girl was talking to her husband and saying yes yes yes in French which is ‘oui oui oui’ but she said it many times. It sounded just like that little saying, “And this little piggy went wee wee wee wee all the way home!”

Yah so I gave in and had a 2nd coffee this afternoon. My bad. A girl asked if I wanted to go over with her and at that point I couldn't resist!

Swimming tonight was fun. T looks more like her old self! She dyed her hair blonde again (it was brownish the last few months). She also just got her hair cut and it's looking sex-ay and she's not pulling it back all the time. OH and she's not wearing her glasses as much. It's nice to have the ol' T back! And I just realized how that sounded but it's not about looks it's about her attitude etc. She was just getting so domesticated and....boring for lack of a better word. She's coming back to the dark side!

I'm supposed to see her this weekend - both days. We're planning on meeting up at the Syrup festival on Saturday (a couples thang) and then on Sunday she's supposed to be getting her sil to do her hair and wants me there. I had no plans for the wknd so it's all good with me.

A'ight I should end this. Is it cheating if you don't really 'pay attention'? I'm technically watching Survivor right now without Keith. My co-worker gets so PO'd at me when I come in and haven't seen it. Keith likes to push it off and watch it later but I don't like not knowing. So I'm kind of watching it half-assed to find out who's kicked out but then I'll watch it with Keith and have my FULL attention on it. Not cheating right? Heh.

10:18 p.m. - 2011-03-30


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