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Time for another 8...maybe even 9!

Normally I am all over Katy Perry but that Fireworks song drives me bananas. Her voice has this weird pitch to it especially at the beginning of the song and it just tweaks my brain and I begin to flinch so of course I then have to turn my radio down until the song is over. Woe is me I know. Yesterday this would have drove me over the brink of sanity and I probably would have thrown my radio cube? Not very effective now that I think of it. I was a wee bit on the cranky side due to lack of sleep yesterday and my brain was functioning at half capacity. Last night I got 8.5 hours sleep and I am like a new person! Well not really Ė but I do feel a lot better today! I am the poster child for lack of sleep equaling crankiness Ė let me clarify that. Parents out there TOTALLY get the lack of sleep thing BUT mine is self inflicted Ė that is the difference. I get this whole second wind night-owl mode going on around 10 and could just putter around till midnight or later. I just donít do mornings. Nuff said.

Today I feel like a sausage. Getting dressed this morning in my brown pants and beige top didnít seem like a bad idea but I just feel gross. My pants are too tight Ė they are okay when I am constantly getting up and down all day but this (new-ish) job of mine has me practically chained to the desk unless I realize I havenít moved in over an hour and force myself to get up and take a walk. So yah tight pants with a shirt that shows the spare tire makes me feel less than pretty to say the lease. Why canít I just wear sweat pants and a nice lose t-shirt. Oh with a sports bra to round out the look! I donít see clients, why canít I hide in the corner and do my job? Of course feeling like this doesnít make me desire the cookie that is sitting on my desk any less. Sigh.

So my weekend. Saturday we left for the Syrup festival at 11 and we didn't arrive til an hour and a half later! The traffic was in-sane! The not so funny part was that C left an hour after we did and got there before us!! Bad timing I guess. The town was PACKED. I mean you could not move without walking into a baby carriage or almost running over a small dog. Why do people do that? Leave your tea cup dogs at home! We met up with T for a nano-second. Literally it was seconds. At the same time we saw her we saw Keith's mom and sisters. We tried talking to everyone at once and T's guy was in a BAD mood. He just sort of gave mono-syllable answers and then wandered away as everyone was chatting. He came back and they were apparently heading to the barn which I immediately turned down since well it smells like poo to be honest with you. Instead Keith and I began to wander on our own and then eventually caught up with C and her guy. The four of us spent the next few hours wandering and having a good time. T text us goodbye at least.

As we left town I got a text from T suggesting that I could do my hair another day as she just realized how long a drive it would be for me etc etc. Uh yah sounds good to me!

Although since then it's been a bit weird. I just found out she thought I was upset about her not spending time with us at the festival. I'm not upset about it but I wasn't happy that she ditched us like that. Tomorrow we're supposed to go swimming so I'm sure we'll chat more about it. I'm not upset. It's T. She thinks about herself only which Keith reminded me on the weekend - she's always been that way. I think the wedding stuff is just bringing it out even more. So deep breath - she's the bride - it's only going to get worse - gotta be more zen about it. I sense a lot more yoga in my future!

Alright time to wrap this up. The hubs has gone upstairs - he can't sit on our couch at all anymore so has been using his camping chair the last few weeks. We desperately need to buy a new couch. Although this past weekend we bought a bbq. It was a good deal at wallyworld and our old one was no longer usable. Too bad the weather isn't co-operating. It will be a while before we christen it!

7:36 p.m. - 2011-04-05


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