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No more parties for that b-day girl - evah.

Another weekend bites the dust. Ah they go by way too soon. I should mention that I did indeed play hooky last Wednesday. Yah I didn't think I would either! Of course I did nothing all day. Couldn't leave the house ya know!

Saturday was a long day. Keith and I drove to T's place and waited for C and her guy to arrive. We then decorated the house to the best of our abilities with the limited decorations J left. The men decided to drive into town and get more decorations while I headed out to the baby shower for Keith's sister. I had worried about finding my way there as I had to navigate through back country roads but I did surprisingly well and didn't get lost!

I had a pretty good time even though the guest of honour showed up an hour late - she truly was surprised! I stayed for 2 baby games (won one) and then headed back out to T's surprise party. She already knew about the party but let on to J she didn't. C and her guy left as soon as I got there. The party really got into full on party mode around then even with all the kids running around - about 6 or 8 of them ages 4 - 10.

The party got ramped up around 9:30 and that's when I called it quits. It had totally turned into a family reunion on J's side and I just felt like the odd one out. Keith was sitting with the kids watching a movie. I tried socializing but it was all blah-blah family this and blah blah family that and I just felt uncomfortable. I was nursing a wicked head ache and booze was having no affect on me at all. Once away from everything my head ache magically began to disappear. I am so glad Keith and I made plans ahead of time for one of us to be the DD. I could NOT have stayed there all night with those people.

Um but yah besides that it was a fun time! T loved her gift. I got to tell J off even though he played dumb and kept insisting that he thought he was helping me out by taking me off the committee. Okay there was no committee but you know what I mean.

But moving onward! I only work 4 days this week - woo Easter! I should only be working 3 cause of my flex but a co-worker took vacay next week which nulls my flex day. But that's okay that means I can move it to a different day. My poor manager thought if a holiday fell on a flex day that we didn't take it another day. Silly lady.

But I am looking forward to 4 days off in a row. Sweet.

Now I have to go email C cause I forgot to earlier. We are already having problems planning T's bridal shower. I guess her step-mom wants to throw one and so do J's aunts (on his mom's side - his mom passed away several years ago). So yah the aunts were giving C grief and quizzing her about the shower I am throwing. Suddenly C thinks we should combine them all and I should rent a hall. Oh hells no, that ain't happening! So yah time to start putting out fires. Damn family! Oh AND I have to finalze where I'm throwing my shower - we were supposed to have it a bridesmaid house - she offered - but a) she just seperated from her husband so the house may be put up for sale and b) T is pissed at her cause of some b-day drama last night. Feh.

Mkay time to wrap this up and get ready for bed - gotta get up early for work tomorrow - ugh.

9:48 p.m. - 2011-04-17


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