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No cookie for me!

Holy crap am I tired today. The baby was up all night...nope...nope...wait, I donít have a baby! Oh yah it was ME that was up all night. I could not for the life of me fall asleep. I tossed and turned and had a sore shoulder on one side and I was just miserable. I even took the magic sleeping pill and still nuthiní. That will teach me for sleeping in on the weekends! But I just canít be one of those people that gets up early 7 days a week Ė I...I canít!

My head is freakiní pounding but Iím refusing to take a pill. Iím giving blood after work and I hate having to explain why I took a Tylenol or what have you. The way they quiz you on the whyís and what not just makes it so annoying. This will be my first time giving blood at my old place for quite some time. Hopefully I donít get turned away cause of the olí iron. Itís always a crap shoot. I plan on snacking late in the day so I keep my blood sugar up and it doesnít drop like it tends to around 5pm.

On my lunch hour I plan on getting out and taking a walk even though itís hellía cold out. I need the fresh air to get me through the afternoon. I plan on walking to the pharmacy and getting some hair gel. Not that you needed to know that.

Anywho C is starting to drive me ape-shit with this whole Bridal Shower. T is very chillax about it all Ė almost too much Ė well definitely too much according to C. You see I donít really care. I donít. I want to just invite the people T sent me on her list. I did the appropriate thing and emailed the moms and asked who they wanted. They gave me names. Not addresses but Iím working on those. If other people want to give T a Shower than go for it! Yah Iíll probably have to attend but what the hell. I donít want 50 plus people at my shower and go in with C on renting a hall.

< Hey itís snowing! >

So yah C is all over me like white on rice about emailing everyone and making calls and go go go. Granted I do tend to let things slip by until I am forced to do them but I still got weeks before that happens!

Bah I just realized I have to call my pharmacy to get refills on all my meds. Thatís not the part that is upsetting me. I just realized one of my meds may be out of refills which means Iíll have to make an appointment with the doctor. Either that or they ďFaxĒ my doctor for approval and that costs me $10. My doctorís office and this pharmacy are side by side in the same building. Money scam. Iíd rather book an appointment for free and bug my doctor Ė hm although technically heíll be bugging me cause Iím damn sure I havenít lost one pound since he weighed me last.

Well I just called and it looks like sheís going to get a repeat which will cost me $10 but I didnít stop her cause I decided Hell I donít wanna see my doctor!

I can sure as shit tell you right now exercising is NOT going to happen today Ė besides my pitiful walk at lunch. I feel so frigginí exhausted that after I give blood I plan on going home, eating, watching some tv and then heading to bed by like 9:30. Seriously if I am not asleep by 9:30 I may begin to cry which Iím sure would scare the hubby.

Can you tell Iím killing time before lunch? What else? Oh yah I booked our camping site for the May 2-4! We actually have people who have said Yes without us bugging them for an answer this year! Of course things may very well indeed change by this time next month but Iím still scarily optimistic. As long as it doesn't... snow!

My walk at lunch went smashingly! It really did help with the headache Ė although once back in the office Ďbangí it came back with a vengeance. Damn work!

I did go to the local pharmacy and bought 3 boxes of hair dye! One regular, one roots touch up and one hi-lite kit. They were on sale. I also did remember my hair gel! Oh and all that cost me $2.86. Why you ask? Cause I finally remembered to use my gift card from like 3 years ago. Feh. Ah well at least it was still honoured!

Now I am snacking on cheese and crackers (itís 4:08) and tidying up my desk while gearing myself up for giving blood. I donít mind giving. Nothing really hurts except for that initial pinch with the needle and yah sometimes thereís discomfort if the nurse didnít get it exactly right but I survive and usually walk out of there feeling good with a cookie or two stashed in my pocket! Hereís hoping I donít get rejected!


Update - so yah I got rejected. Had to do the walk of shame. The nurse told me to grab a cookie on the way out but I couldn't in good conscience. They took my iron twice - first time it was 118 and the second it was 124. It needs to be 125. Yah I missed it by that much. Boo! So I left not all that depressed (well except for the face I didn't get to sit in the New chairs!) and went home. Although once home I managed to summon up the energy to throw on some comfy clothes and head out for a walk. Guess I did exercise today after all! Go me.

Of course it's now 10:20 and that is way past my 9:30 bedtime! Oops. I better rectify that now - sweet dreams!

10:13 p.m. - 2011-04-18


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