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OH so that's why payphones are still around!

Wanna hear something weird? I hate talking about how my weekend went with people. People at work will ask me and I will say something like ďGreatĒ or ďGoodĒ and then quickly turn it around on them and ask them about their weekend. Maybe Iím just saving it up to write about it here. Hm. Well in that case letís get started!

Ah yes the glorious FOUR day long weekend! Bliss. Keith and I left for my parents house Friday afternoon. The weather was gorgeous and made travelling that much more enjoyable. We had dinner with my parents, took a short walk after dinner and then proceeded to play scrabble for the rest of the evening.

Saturday Keith and I were left to our devices for a few hours in the afternoon while my dad officiated a wedding and my mom played wedding photographer (not a cool idea btw since my mom cuts peopleís heads off a lot). Anywho Keith and I did some shopping in the downtown area and then back home to chill for the afternoon. It was weird being at my parents for that long without other people (family) around. It felt like we came up too early but my mom loved it. That evening we played more games of scrabble (and some perquackey) and then off to bed by 11 since we had to be up at 6am for the Sunrise service.

I felt like crap waking up that early but the Sunrise really was beautiful. The service was on the boring side (my dad didnít preach) so I did a lot of shifting in my seat Ė it was cold and the seats are small and wooden made for tiny people from hundreds of years ago. We had a small breakfast at the hosting church and then I pretty much ran back to my bed to catch some more zzzís while my parents went to the second service of the day (My dad is the minister for 2 churches). We woke up with barely enough time to shower and head off to the 3rd and last service of the day at 11.

Oh yah on Saturday eve my dad put this little worm into my head about heading with them to visit little D and his parents with them on Sunday. The more I thought about it the more excited I got about it. For the first time ever we didnít have to be back so Keith could work and I was already off Monday. Of course Keith immediately said no. I questioned him later that night and found out the only reason he said no was that he didnít want to show up at my brother and silís unannounced. So Sunday after the last church service I called my brother and asked if they would mind if we tagged along with parents for the short overnight visit. My brother was....ecstatic to say the least. It would be challenging to fit us all in their small house but they were more than up for the challenge. So it was settled we were going on a road trip with my parents!

First though we had to get through family dinner at my Uncle and Auntís. They rented out a room at the old town house complex they lived in years ago like they do every year. Technically a woman who still lives in the complex rents it out for them but she joins us for the dinner as well. Although this year her children and one grandchild joined us as well. They were quiet and kept to themselves and left right after dessert (while we were all still eating our din they were already done dessert and gone).

It was a nice time though. I got to bond more with my older brother cause his wife wasnít there which I know sounds wrong bit itís the truth. My brother got a kick out of how my dad brought a friend along at the last minute and then made him play his accordion for the FOURTH time that day (it was my 3rd time hearing this music and I was fit to be tied cause a) I didnít particularly enjoy his music and b) we are all starving as it was 2:30 by this point). And just so you know it wasnít cause it was the accordion that I didnít enjoy it. There was an accordion band who played that morning at the Sunrise service (12 or so people) and they were Great and I really enjoyed them.

Oh also I learned my brotherís youngest son is a tad delusional. I was wearing bunny ears which he kept trying to steal (heís 5 so Iím okay with this) but then at some point I think he really did convince himself that they were his). For real. When he left I had Keith hide the ears and the kid freaked right out. He started crying and going on about how they were HIS ears...his REAL ears! Yah. He is the baby of the family and used to getting what he wants (for real) but I was having none of it. I told him that I was taking the ears with me so his cousin Little D could see them but he was having none of it.

Oh and I got to bond with my family over our affliction of type 2 Diabetes. Yah thatís fun. What meds are you on? How many of those do you have to take? Whatís your blood sugar reading? Fun.

Once all was said and done we made it to K-town a little after 9pm that night. My bro and sil had kept Little D up and he was as adorable as ever. He was confused for a little bit but then warmed up to all of us and started running through his routine of cute things he does. He even took a few steps on his own which he had just done for the first time the night before. Although heís still quite unsteady on his feet and sort of looks like a drunk man trying to walk.

My sil headed off to work shortly after we got there and they put Little D to bed (asleep within seconds) and my parents headed off to bed around 10:30. My parents slept in my brotherís room, we slept in the basement and my brother slept on the couch. It was all good except that the air mattress we were on lost some air in the middle of the night which kept waking me up (uncomfortable) but if that was the least of my worries then I could handle it no problem.

Monday morning my sil got home from work and the 2 of them made us a huge breakfast before the guys headed off to go look at tires (my parents purpose for the trip). Little D went down for a nap so we convinced his mom to do so as well. The guys got back and Little D woke up so we decided to go for a walk. The walk was almost an hour (one way!) and a lot longer than I thought it would be. We walked to a timís where we had coffee and rested our tired sunburned bodies (yah I got a sunburn on my chest!). We dug deep into our pockets and managed to find enough change to call my sil from the payphone (yah none of us brought our cell phones!). She was awake and wondering where we all had gone. Oops. She hopped in the van and came down and picked us all up!

The rest of the afternoon went way too fast Ė we played some banana-grams while Little D slept and then had a wonderful early dinner made by my sil. Then all too soon it was time to climb back into my parents van and head home. The time passed super quickly on the drive to and from K-town since we played travel Scrabble. Although Iím sure my poor dad was bored to death since we were all engrossed in our letters and whenever it wasnít my mom or my turn we would have our noses buried in books (I take after her in case you couldnít tell...well except for my love of driving I get that from my dad).

Keith and I picked up our car (left at my older brotherís) and hit the highway for home in the rain. I drove and it sucked (stupid traffic + rain) but we made it home safely by 9:30. I did have a near heart attack hearing a message on my machine from our union president. Weíre currently in negotiations so I was thinking the worst: s-t-r-i-k-e. But apparently he was just updating us and letting us know how bad things are going. Our machine cut him off half way through his message but it hit home how serious this all is and how screwed I would be if we did go on the S word. Bah.

No point in speculating or worrying though. Whatís gonna happen will happen. Hope for the best prepare for the worst.

So pretty much the next several weeks...Iím talking til June are spoken for. Crazy. This coming weekend the hubs and I are headed back to the Falls for our Ďfreeí overnight stay in a room with a Jacuzzi tub. Then the weekend after is motherís day and the weekend after is a huge extravaganza my dadís church is having which he has been reminding us about since Christmas so not going would be very cruel. Which then leads us to the May24 Ė CAMPING!!

10:54 p.m. - 2011-04-26


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