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I see Meditation and Yoga in my future

It is just so wrong to be up before 7am on a Saturday. Ugh. I just woke up and then could not fall back asleep. My stupid brain woke up. I left work yesterday in a kaleidoscope of moods. Right before I left I found out that my summer vacation - my week in August - was approved. I thought for sure it wouldn't be. So I was sort of trippin' on that news and just sort of in a daze about it. Actually all the vacation days I requested for the summer were approved. Wha...? How?? Then right on top of that I found out that my manager was trying to get my volunteer hours next week cut in half.

See I volunteered for a work event that I have done for the last few years. It involves leaving work. I would be gone both Monday and Tuesday afternoon. Well my boss "just" realized that she gave another co-worker the day off on Monday so decided to try and revoke my volunteering. I was still in the 'my vacation was approved' daze and didn't really grasp what she was doing - BEHIND MY BACK. Yah so needless to say today I am just PISSED that she was not only doing this but didn't discuss it with me AT ALL. The worse part is as it stands now I have no idea if I'm still volunteering!!! She sent out emails but didn't get answers back by the end of Friday. I will find out when I go in on Monday whether I'm still volunteering or not. I just feel right now. My co-worker BOOKS a fucking trip and then TELLS everyone she's taking a week off. My other co-worker takes a week vacation knowing full well we're short staffed and all is well and dandy. I try and take a few hours to VOLUNTEER FOR WORK and get this drama and it's just bullshit. So of course my mind was fully charged with this when I woke this morning and it's really bothering me.

But *deep breath* I am going to LET it go. I cannot change the outcome. I cannot predict what will happen on Monday. I cannot waste any more energy on what may or may not happen this coming Monday. But I did come up with a plan of action as I know myself, if I don't I will continue to drive myself nuts over it. So I will go into work on Monday - ditch my stuff on my desk then run downstairs to visit T's mom and tell her the whole situation. I have a feeling her co-worker was sent the email trying to remove me from my volunteering. T's mom will be upset too cause we've been scheduled together on Monday which we were both excited about. So I'm going to ask her to talk to said co-worker and see about nixing my manager's sabatoge plans.

And...and...I have spent way too much energy on this subject. I'm letting it

Instead I should be concentrating on the fact that the hubs and I are heading to the Falls in a few short hours. Keith has been baking and planning snacks to keep our trip cheap which I think is super cute cause I love doing stuff like that. We even made muffins last night to take on our trip. Cute.

Our house is in serious need of cleaning but meh apparently I am not one of those adults who care enough to give up fun in order to stay home and clean. I *may* try and clean some on Sunday when we get home....we'll see how I feel.

I'm trying to decide if S is going to hit us up for a place to stay on Wednesday night or not. It seems her guys' band is playing in our city next week and she has invited us to hear them play. It's only an hour drive away but I could totally see S asking to crash here so they can drink. She hasn't asked yet but probably cause I pissed her off. Did I mention that yet?

S told me that she wouldn't be camping the whole long weekend - just one night - and I got a bit pissy with her in an email. She talks about how excited she is but then she pulls shit like this. It turns out to be exactly what we thought - her guy has a gig the Saturday night and since she's the driver (yah he doesn't have a car) she has to be there. I have decided to just grow-up and let it go. This is not about's her life. If she wants to camp only one night then so be it. We will camp the full weekend and they can do what they want. I'm done. I think if it wasn't such a big deal to Keith to have people there I would be totally happy with just the 2 of us.

Mkay I should probably get my butt out of this bed and shower and stuff. My weekend o' fun awaits! Hm maybe some cereal first...I'm hungy.

8:54 a.m. - 2011-04-30


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