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Things NEVER move this fast

What A day! So this past Monday I called Keith's Surgeon's office and spoke to the (cranky) receptionist. I asked since they gave Keith an appt in August if this meant he was off the cancellation list. A got a snippy response that he should have spoken up at the time and asked to stay on the list. So I requested that YES he be put back on the list since he is available ANY time due to being unemployed because of his leg. Ahem.

Tuesday we got a call saying there was an opening on Wednesday - as in today. Oh yah I got that call AT work from the snippy receptionist because she couldn't get hold of Keith at home. Neither could I. I tried his cell - nada. I repeatedly called our home in case he was sleeping. I could not concentrate not knowing if he was outside in the yard or what but I would be damned if he missed his chance cause he was outside and we called back too late. So I took an early lunch and booked it out of there and got home just minutes after Keith returned home from shopping. He called the doctor's office back and voila just like that his appointment was booked for 10:30 today (we had to be there for 7:30am).

We both didn't really sleep well. Mr I'm Not Nervous blamed it on my snoring but I dang well blame it on being excited/nervous for him. We were up before the alarm and out the door one minute behind schedule (my fault since I couldn't find my keys). But we got there in plenty of time - checked him in and then proceeded to wait for 3 hours.

The surgery went okay....we think. Nobody said otherwise. The surgeon doesn't discuss such matters I guess until the 2 week check-up - in which I'm SURE he'll remember every single detail of my husband's knee surgery!

The surgeon did downplay the whole you'll have no restrictions after the surgery and crutches? You won't need crutches! HA! The nurse was all "you'll need crutches". Not sure what the surgeon was thinking. But Keith is doing well. He hasn't even taken any pain pills that were prescribed for him. Although we're puzzled cause the doctor prescribed percocets cause Keith told him the oxycodone didn't work on him but the pills the pharmacist gave him say oxy ones. I think Keith figures the pills probably won't work for him plus thankfully he's not in an real pain right now. I have been waiting on him hand and foot though. Although he has been up to pee almost every hour since he still has his drinking problem (the man loves his water). I guess he'll know for sure about the pain during the night (trying to sleep) and tomorrow morning.

I got the day off today (obviously) to be with him which I ain't gonna lie was awesome cause I wasn't at work! Luckily tomorrow is my last day for the week as I have Friday off. The next few weeks will be pretty sweet. 3 day weekend this week. Then next weekend I have 5 days off in a row - Friday to Tuesday! Sweet! We are super excited for camping on the May 2-4 - hopefully Keith will be mostly healed by then and can you the man and load the car and set up the site and light the fire and all that fun stuff I just take for granted when we go camping!

*Oh yah at the hospital they took Keith's blood pressure a few times and it was pretty high so the nurse was saying that he might want to talk to his doctor if it was still high once he was released. Right before we left they took his blood pressure again - it was down. Damn! Is it wrong I wanted my husband to have high blood pressure so we can take our meds together and I can tease him for being old? Oh okay I'm happy he doesn't have 'the high blood pressure' yet.

8:11 p.m. - 2011-05-11


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