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May 2-4 recap...finally.

I keep meaning to update this here thing but....yah you know how it is.

We DID go camping on the May 2-4. We got to our site Friday afternoon - the sun was SHINING and the site was WET. The park had had a flash flood the night before so they didn't get a chance to mow the lawn and the area before the site was a big ol' swamp. Normally we park our cars on the site but this time we had to leave them on the road and carry our stuff across the swamp to the site. After the third trip I gave up and kicked off my sandals and just gave into the mud. People pay for this kinda stuff right?

Besides the swampy long grass camping was great. The weather was beautiful which was a surprise. We even went SWIMMING - twice! Yah the lake was cold (freezing) but the sun was a broiler so we actually enjoyed it!

OH and for the first time ever we got busted for having booze on our camp site. It's always said no booze but really nobody pays attention. At night the sites can get pretty rowdy - loud music and yelling. We usually stay on the quiet side. It was around 7pm and we were cooking our dinner over the fire. There were 6 adults and like 5 kids running around. Nobody was loud or making asses of themselves we were minding our own business when this 17 year old girl stopped her truck, got out and came over to "warn" us about the alcohol ban and that we should make sure all bottles were out of site when she drove by again or else we would be in trouble. Um okay little girl. Maybe talk to the underage drinkers 2 sites over!!

Monday as we were packing up the sky opened up and it RAINED buckets. We managed to get most of our stuff in the car without getting it too wet. Our tent didn't fare so well since we had set it up in wet grass and we were just in the process of rolling it when it rained. For the first time ever we set the tent up when we got home and cleaned it inside and out! Of course we're still waiting to take it down cause it rains Every Single Day here.

So yah Keith and I sweated like dogs to put our stuff away before the rain started. T and her guy didn't get on board till after the first rain fall and as for S and her guy? They lazed in the tent for over an hour and then while everyone else was scurrying they were roasting weenies on the fire! The second time the sky opened up and didn't seem to stop after several minutes Keith and I decided to just leave. I wrote S a note and left her b-day present in her car and we hit the highway. I thought S might be mad that I left like that but I got an email a few days later and she was okay with it.

So yah that was our camping fun on the 2-4. Keith tried to get drunk on his b-day...on tequila which if you recall only leads to BAD things mostly for me cause he gets out of hand and you know pukey! I let him have 2 shots and then hid the bottle (hehe). S was an instigator and kept trying to get both of us to drink more. The girl can now drink like a fish and barely get buzzed. Not a great thing I know.

So tomorrow we head to the 'Shwa for my older brother's birthday. He's turning 40. I offered to buy the party decorations not really thinking that we'd have to go early to bring them. My sil took me up on it so I bought them yesterday and we'll be showing up 3 hours early to decorate the house. Speaking of which I really have to go and wrap his present as well as my grandma's. Her birthday is either the day before his or after I can never remember. Keith and I were originally only going for the day and coming back Saturday night but now we decided to go back to my parents and then on Sunday drive to my grandma's to see her. Alright off I go to wrap some gifts and pack an overnight bag!

Oh yah I also have a sweet tan from the weekend - that never happens!! Of course we were outside for 4 days non-stop and I wore sunscreen so I only got a little burned on my right shoulder the first day - otherwise I have an actual tan on my arms and shoulders! Now my legs on the other hand....

11:31 p.m. - 2011-05-27


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