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My husband the vigilante

Man I love my ipod. Here’s 5 songs that I just played on my walk at lunch (it was only a mini walk cause I’m an idiot and haven’t got my butt in gear and started walking on my lunch hours for real):

Cotton Eyed Joe - Rednex

God Bless the Broken Road – Rascall Flatts (my sil sang this song at my wedding!)

Movin’ Right A Long – Muppets

Music of the Night – Phantom Of the Opera Soundtrack

F*ck her gently – Jack Black (Tenacious D)

Yah and that’s why I love my random ipod songs!

So last night was a hellish night. A hellish sleepless night. Although I did manage to get quite a bit of sleep cause I have learned there is something to be said for sleeping rather than staying up worrying plus if I did get a call from the cops to pick up my husband I wouldn’t be so sleep deprived that I would be dangerous on the roads! Maybe I should back up eh?

So my husband has been stewing the last few nights about a particular situation. In January one of the last routes he drove for was for a guy that he doesn’t like or that rubs him the wrong way if you will. Well at the time Keith had a bad feeling about this guy- he felt the guy wasn’t going to pay him. He was correct. Keith did email and call (well text cause for the life of him he won’t pick up a phone and talk). The guy countered by saying that months before that Keith did some damage to his truck and that Keith owed HIM. Except that the guy never took the truck to a mechanic and just kept driving it. He wouldn’t get a quote and I do believe that Keith actually paid $300 for a rental truck for him during that time out of his own pocket. So it’s a sticky situation but basically the guy just refuses to pay the little less than a grand he owes Keith. So Keith got it into his head that he would drive the hours drive away in the middle of the night – park in front of the guys truck – and when his helper came to load the truck Keith would tell him to call the owner and get him down there to pay him.

Well that’s exactly what he did. I sort of thought it was all talk cause Keith really isn’t a confrontational guy at all. But money is tight right now (to say the least) and knowing this guy owed him but wouldn’t pay up was giving Keith sleepless nights. So last night he set out in the middle of the night leaving his wife to lie in bed worrying whether there would be violence or cops involved. I did manage to sleep but woke up many times to check the clock.

Finally at 5:30am I heard the front door. Keith heard me up and told me to go back to sleep. Um no. I asked him if he got the money and he said yes but told me to go to sleep since he knew I wouldn’t have slept well. I did go back to bed and slept great for the next hour and a half.

I learnt the rest of the details once I got up with my alarm. The guy was LESS than impressed on what Keith did and tried to pull the whole ‘you broke my truck’ shtick but Keith was having none of it. The guy eventually handed him a cheque but we won’t breath a sigh of relief till we know if it goes through okay and doesn’t bounce. Keith was so tired when I left him. Actually he was damn cranky is what he was. He poured me my cereal, threw my lunch in a bag and headed to bed. I went to tease him about something and BAD IDEA. Cranky man alert. He said he wasn’t nervous or anxious about what happened but I think deep down he was. Now...if only we could get the 2 grand back that another guy owes us! That guy is out of the bread business so there’s no chance in hell of ever seeing that cash. Now THAT guy makes my blood boil. He is the one that makes ME lose sleep at night. Alas I don’t know where he live or else I’d go park my car in front of his driveway until he paid up! I jest...sort of.

So it's many hours later now - I just got home and my house is almost clean enough for company - go house husband!

I met up with T and C at the mall. We ate at the food court and then went to the movies and saw Bridesmaids. If you have a chance to see this - DO IT! Do not hesitate! It was Awesome. I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes. I loved that the audience clapped at parts and cheered at others. The theatre was absolutely packed. Luckily we had good seats.

Mkay now I must go and do a little sprucin' up of the spare bedroom. Try and get as much done tonight since the 'rents are due sometime around noon tomorrow...if not earlier! I needs my beauty sleep so let's hope it's noon-ish!

9:57 p.m. - 2011-06-02


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