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I heart weekends

Sigh...another weekend over. It was a 3 day weekend so that's always nice. It also felt Nice and Long which is Always a good thing.

Friday I woke up with a start at 9am, got out of bed and just started cleaning cause I'm a freak like that. We had the house looking grrreat by 11am and around 11:50 my parents called and said they were running late. I bet you thought I'd say they weren't coming! Ha ha! Nope a few hours later they showed up and we had a great visit with them.

Keith made a super awesome meal of ribs and chicken in the smoker with homemade potato salad and a pasta salad to go with it. For dessert was ice cream, brownies and strawberries.

After our dinner guests left, Keith and I took my parents for a walk behind our house to show them the park in progress and they were suitably impressed. More so actually but you have to witness the park in person to get the awesomeness of it.

Saturday morning the power went off at 6:30am and we were up shortly after. About 8am the power came back on. We made my parents breakfast and then they hit the road home. My dad told us when he got here how a member of his congregation had died Thursday night. Well that's when they found him. His body was in the water. They think he may have been on his dock and had a heart attack. The guy was 60 I think. It was weird because last weekend when we were down I sat in the balcony looking down at the choir and he was in it. I don't remember a lot of people's names but I've always known his. He was a nice guy. Quite sad.

After my parents left Keith and I headed straight back to bed! We slept for about 2 hours. We showered and then Keith ushered me out the door. I found that weird since I thought we were going to stay home and just be home bodies. Instead he drove us in to T dot and we went to a few malls. My man likes to go to different malls which I find really weird. It's not like he likes to shop cause he doesn't. He doesn't even spend money when we go! I think he just likes to check them out and find different stores that sell odd stuff. Like this one store called Ones. It sells really weird stuff and we spend a lot of time in it. I, on the other hand, must spend money. Hard to believe I know. Yesterday I did pretty good. I bought a shirt for $12 using a gift card and then bought some of the awesome hangers I love for $9. We drove around lost a lot but for some reason we both love that too. We're odd ducks. Odd ducks that should probably invest in another gps someday!

Saturday eve we didn't get up to much - well we did get home at 9pm! We had some leftovers from the bbq for dinner and made it to bed around midnight.

Now today has been a lazy day! A lazy hot day! Yesterday it was rainy and cool - we drove through some wicked rain on the way to T dot. I sat in the basement till 1pm (finally watched the Oprah finale!)and then decided I HAD to get outside or else it would be a crime! So I showered and headed out. I took a trunk load of clothes and stuff for donation and then made the mistake of going into the store. I found 2 pairs of shorts, a $2 purse and then a $20 purse that I fell in love with. It was a Harrods purse and in mint condition! I didn't even know what Harrods was to be honest until I looked it up when I got home since it just looks expensive (leather!). So yah even though I shouldn't have spent the money I don't regret it cause that purse it purdy!

I came home with my purchases and my coffee and sat in the basement once again to cool off (did I mention it was hot?) and then I headed outside with my book and sunglasses and sat outside in the shade and read for about an hour. Bliss!

I did a little "cleaning" of the "office" - the office is now just a room that is FILLED with our stuff. We have to have it all cleaned out for August when the family comes cause we'll need both rooms to host 4 adults and a baby. Oy. Actually hm now that I think of it we'll probably need to give up our room I should probably mention that to Keith.....when he's in a super good mood.

I'm feeling that end of the weekend blah feeling - you know the going back to WORK feeling. Ugh. Ah well no point in wasting my time worrying about it, I might as well just enjoy the time I have left this evening. Besides next weekend is another 3 day weekend for me so at least I have that to look forward to!

Oh and I am forcing myself to put together my lunch time walking stuff so I can get my butt in gear again. And it has nothing to do with the fact I have to see my doctor in the next week or two....nope nothing at all. Gulp.

7:40 p.m. - 2011-06-05


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